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9 Good-looking Grey Homes in Singapore Brimming with Stylish Appeal

Whoever said grey homes were dull and boring?

Neutral and timeless, we go to grey because it’s a safe choice. But these condominiums and HDB flats show that a grey colour palette can be more than just that—it can be exciting, intriguing and interesting. But most importantly? They illustrate that this hue can also be versatile and exceedingly stylish.

1. Contemporary class

Cue Exhibit A: Plenty shades of grey in this gorgeous apartment, seen from the furniture down to the smaller décor accessories. The use of wood (with grey undertones) creates an additional dimension to the space, while the black accents and the white background lend a stylish, contemporary vibe.

The theme is very consistent here and carries through to the bathroom, where the shower area is clad in marble-grain grey tiles. This is juxtaposed with pale woodgrains in the rest of the bathroom.

Location: Keppel Bay
Design: Third Avenue Studio

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2. A study in sleek

Another noteworthy grey number. Here, light grey shades were adopted and used to contrast the rest of the darker tones in the apartment. Lines and surfaces were kept clean, offering an almost ultra-modern vibe to the space.

Our favourite nook has to be the U-shaped kitchen. Because of the limited square footage, it was kept open so that you don’t feel too closed in. Slim, cylindrical lights hanging from the ceiling and a rustic backsplash present a visual break from the otherwise sleek, streamlined interiors.

Location: Mount Vernon Road
Design: Icon Interior Design

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3. Curves in all the right places

If the previous home was all lines and edges, this home would serve as its direct contrast with curves in every corner of this apartment. Complemented with a very pale grey colour scheme, this place feels almost ethereal.

The curvilinear edges offer a visual fluidity, so the areas of the home flow and seemingly ‘melt’ into one another. Walls and structural columns were reconstructed so that there are no sharp ends, while the false ceilings were given rounded edges. Additional facades were added to the front of windows so that arched cut-outs could be incorporated.

Location: Mackenzie Road
Design: 932 Designs Consultants

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4. Walking on sunshine

Grey and yellow is such a fun colour combination, and it shows up well in this apartment. The bright hue was introduced in a predominantly grey base through the softer touches in this home, such as the cushions and throw on the sofa and bed, the counter-height and dining chairs, some of the art pieces as well as the decorative flowers speckled throughout. Yellow helps to bring up the muted tones of grey, enlivening the space as a result.

To elevate the look of the home, glossy and mirrored finishes were used. You see them in places like the display cabinet’s backing in the living room and the bay window storage in the bedroom. They also appear most prominently in the walk-in wardrobe, where a part of the full-height cabinets were given a tinted mirror façade.

Location: Martin Place
Design: Mr Shopper Studio

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5. A case for concrete

This home is a departure from the more polished interiors we’ve seen so far. Adopting a rustic and industrial flair, the BTO’s grey hues pop up in cement screed-like finishes. it covers most of the built-in carpentry, from the built-in dining bench and kitchen cabinets to the wardrobe in the bedroom. Wood flooring was chosen throughout to warm up the interiors.

One of the more visually interesting elements in this grey-hued flat is the living room’s feature wall, which features rectangle pockets lined with different shades of cement screed laminates. This helps to make things less monotonous, while offering a focal point for the living room.

Location: Canberra Street
Design: Key Concept

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6. Layers upon layers

What makes a home visually interesting? Textures, and there’s no shortage of them here. Grey is presented through various kinds of fabrics, both patterned ones and solids, the cement screed walls in the living room, smooth laminates of the carpentry and the grey undertones of the woodgrains. What you get then is a visually arresting, multi-layered home, despite the single colour palette.

While most of the home is kept grey, natural materials like rattan, leather and wood were incorporated to create warmth and to add to the dimension of the space. They remain neutral enough so they form part of the background rather than steal attention away.

Location: Balmoral Road
Design: Para.graph

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7. Scandinavian sanctuary

The use of grey is not unusual in Scandinavian style interiors, and this one’s no different. The chosen shade here is a pale, warm tone, coming off as greige as the warm lighting hits. This has translated into a cosy and comforting atmosphere, one that is definitely made for long hours of lounging.

The grey carries into the kitchen through the shaker style cabinets. Coupled with the white herringbone tiled backsplash and the sleek black appliances, the kitchen feels just as classic as it does trendy. The bathroom is also a worthy mention, with its grey marble veins and black accents the epitome of chic.

Location: Bukit Batok
Design: DB Studio

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8. Accent piece

The greys in this 5-room HDB resale flat mainly function as accents against a white backdrop. In the living room, a grey accent TV wall serves as the focal point. There is plenty of seating options here, including a long built-in counter behind the sofa that is as multipurpose as it is beautiful. It works as a study, dining area or a place for entertaining guests all at once.

In the bedroom, the contemporary grey against clean white theme stays. Built-ins keep things compact and neat. There is a built-in study table along the window that adjoins with the TV wall. The bed leans against a full-height storage/headboard piece, with pockets of open storage for display and easy reach.

Location: Bishan
Design: Sync Interior

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9. Gallery experience

If ever there was a home that looks like an art gallery, this home is it. Stepping inside, you’re greeted first by a minimalist space with plenty of white space and a strip of LED lights underneath a floating console that draws the eye towards the dining area. It evokes a calming and soothing atmosphere, thanks in part to the gentle colour scheme that is defined by the half white and dove grey walls.

Transition floor tiles, with the meeting of two different shades of woodgrain flooring, illustrate the shift to the private zones of the home. Two common bedrooms were knocked into one, one of which was converted into a walk-in wardrobe with the closets dressed in smoky grey laminates.

Location: Bukit Batok
Design: ROOOT Studio

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