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Gloss or Matte: That is THE Surface Question

If you’re still sitting on the fence about whether to go gloss or matte for the surfaces in your home, this article should give you a clearer picture. The decision doesn’t just lie in how it will look, but it actually requires several key considerations.

Source: Lamitak


1. SENSE OF SPACE: Gloss give the illusion of bigger spaces

Design: akiHAUS

Shiny surfaces reflect light, so it makes sense to use them in small spaces as they can help to make the space appear bigger. To give a greater illusion, use glossy surfaces that are light in colour, which will help brighten up an area considerably. Conversely, dark hues absorb light rather than reflect them.


2. STYLE: If you’re going for the contemporary look, go gloss

Design: Icon Interior Design

Nothing says contemporary like gloss does. Choose high-gloss if you want a sleek and ultra-modern look. With that said, it doesn’t mean that matte surfaces have no place in contemporary designs. A bold stroke of matte red or a matte-black accent column can be equally stunning in a contemporary home. But if you’re thinking of a Scandinavian design or a country-style interior, matte surfaces would do the job nicely for you.


3. HIDING IMPERFECTIONS: Blemishes are not as obvious in matte-finish surfaces


If you’re particular about scratches, marks, fingerprints and blemishes on your surfaces, opt for matte. As flat surfaces absorb light, they make imperfections less conspicuous unlike in shiny surfaces which will cast light on the defects. Use matte on flooring where there is high human traffic or on walls where flaws (like hairline cracks) are inclined to appear over time.


4. MAINTENANCE: It’s easier to clean gloss surfaces

Design: DB Studio

While matte helps to mask imperfections more easily, they actually require just a bit more elbow grease during cleaning up. So opt for gloss on hardworking surfaces like your kitchen countertop if you want to make cleaning up less of a chore. Kitchen cabinets, which build up grease over time, are also a great area to use gloss.


5. SAFETY FIRST: Always go matte and avoid gloss for flooring

Design: Poetus

When it comes to flooring, it’s always best to use matte finishes as polished surfaces tend to be slippery. This is particularly true in areas where the flooring can get wet, such as in the bathroom or the kitchen.


DESIGN TIP #1: Matte surfaces don’t have to be dull


Matte surfaces have the poor reputation of looking lacklustre, but it doesn’t have to be! Go bold, with rich and dark hues that can create a sense of drama in a home. Matte paints can also be used as accents on walls. If you want to dress it up a little, use shiny accessories like metallic wares against matte-finished surfaces.


DESIGN TIP #2: There isn’t just one type of gloss

Design: Project File

High gloss isn’t the only sheen out there, so if they are just a bit much for you, you can always go for satin finishes or semi-gloss, which have less sheen than high-gloss but are still shiny to create that added dimension on your surfaces.

Are you for gloss or matte surfaces? Let us know in the comments below!


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