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10 Glamorous Home Bar Ideas Great for Small Spaces

So you like to entertain. And what better way to impress your guests than with a well-stocked home bar? Even if you’re not a frequent host, having a dedicated space at home where you can fix up a good whisky cocktail for yourself can be extremely therapeutic after a long day at work. But don’t think you will need a lot of space for that though. These glamorous ideas below show that you can work in a home bar even with a small square footage. Time to break out the bubbly!

1. Sharing Space with the TV Console

The home bar and the TV console here form a single structure, helping to streamline the design visually in this small condominium. Slanted racks were specifically built at the side for storing wine bottles.

Design: UNO Interior

2. All You Need is a Bar Cart

Founded atop castor wheels, a bar cart is a great small space home bar option since it’s incredibly versatile and mobile—which means you can move it around wherever you wish! Get one in a gilded finish for that glamorous touch.

Design: Home Philosophy

3. Island Life

If you’re planning on going for a kitchen island, it can double as the perfect home bar setting. The under counter space can be used to store your wine glasses and bottles, but keep the storage to the side of the island so that it won’t interfere with your prep or eating zones.

Design: Linear Space Concepts

4. Hole in the Wall

A recessed wall niche as a home bar works wonders in a small space since it doesn’t get in the way physically or visually. Plus, it uses up a space that would otherwise go un-utilised! In this instance, there’s even enough room for a wine chiller. Be sure to keep the fragile glassware at the upper compartments lest you risk knocking them over with a stray elbow!

Design: The Scientist

5. Under Counter Shenanigans

In this set-up, the dining area, which joins with the kitchen counter, doubles as this apartment’s home bar area. A wine storage compartment was installed on the other side of the kitchen counter, making it easier to reach for a tipple after meals.

Design: Versaform

6. Keeping it Lean

Keep things casual with a standing bar. We like how lean this table design is. It is also mounted against the wall on one side, freeing up floor estate while not taking up extra visual space. Beer mugs and bottles are stored at the side of the bar table, while the fancier bottles are kept behind at a recessed wall niche.

Design: 3D Innovations

7. Hiding in the Corner

Having your home bar within the kitchen is a great idea if you’re looking to create a more inclusive cooking space that also doubles as a place for gathering. The corner of this L-shaped kitchen counter features an in-built wine rack, which is functional while breaking the monotony of the counter design.

Design: Design by Fifteen

8. Sharing with the Kitchen

Here’s another home bar that takes advantage of vertical space. We like the ceiling-mounted wine rack’s addition of the wine glass slots at the bottom, which are a great way to display your glass wares. The bar table is also shared with the kitchen counter so that it does double duty.

Design: AO Studios

9. Now You See It, Now You Don’t

This idea is particularly savvy we think. The home bar is hidden within the TV cabinet. One of the cabinet fronts can be flipped opened to form the bar table, featuring a couple of shelves for wine storage at the side.

Design: Space Factor

10. Cabinet Conundrum

For kitchen home bars, there’s the option to make use of the space underneath your upper cabinets to store your wine glasses. The LED lights at the back of the cupboards add an alluring glow to the space.

Design: DSOD Interior

Tell us: Will you be setting up a home bar in your home? How will you make it work in your small space?


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