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Get Resort Style Inspiration from These 5 Balinese Resorts

If you are looking to recreate the relaxing resort style for your home, there’s no better reference point than Balinese resorts. They are the epitome of comfort, hospitality and indulgence. We checked out 5 beautiful villas in the island of Bali to get you inspired.

1. Villa Seascape Lembongan

Recreate the look:

An ocean-inspired colour scheme, like what this beachfront holiday resort went with, is a great choice if you are looking for an easy, breezy vibe to your resort style home. Shades of blues and pale greens are set against a crisp white backdrop and cement screed floors, creating an airy and light ambience.

Curvilinear shapes from the furnishings to the recessed walls to the patterns on the sheets and cushions mimic the flow and rolls of the waves. They create a soft and casual atmosphere, inviting the mood to relax. But perhaps most impressive is its open bathroom, which features bamboo slates for some privacy without obscuring the light and ventilation from the outside.

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2. Villa Hermosa

Recreate the look:

This Balinese resort took up an all-white scheme, an unusual choice if you are going with the resort look. But instead of looking too sleek or minimalist, the creamier shades and the variety of textures through the use of natural materials give the space a serene and soothing vibe.

Blonde shades of wood and taupe-toned rattan were used as accents so that they don’t stand out too much against the tranquil colour scheme. In the bedroom, billowing flows of canopy beds line with airy fabrics conjure images of grandeur and indulgence, while the generous-sized bathrooms feel just like spa sanctuaries with their luxurious his-and-her sinks and freestanding tubs.

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3. Villa Galante

Recreate the look:

When doing up the resort style, you will never go wrong by taking the rustic route. Take this villa for instance, which is decked out in distressed surfaces and raw finishes. The chalky walls and weathered floors ooze plenty of character and mood. Balance things out with creature comforts and modern furnishings like how they paired the rustic teak table with the modern style Panton chairs.

Most of the flooring in this Balinese resort are lined with timber, which can be difficult to care for properly in the long term, especially with a humid weather like ours. Consider going with wood-like vinyl or tiles for a similar look, minus the maintenance and price tag.

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4. Villa Atmo

Recreate the look:

Gorgeous honey-toned wood is the main element in this Balinese resort. It’s one of the best ways to invite lots of warmth to your resort style space. Pair them with other natural materials like linen, stone and cane to complete the easy breezy look.

If you’ve noticed, most of the spaces in this villa is opened out into the outdoors so they feel close to nature. Consider this when you do up your own resort style home. If you live in an apartment, you can always invite plants and more tropical prints into the interiors. Or go with visually light window furnishings so that sunlight and air can come inside easily. Have a balcony? Do up your dining spot there so you can dine al fresco style, close to the stars.

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5. Villa Mandala Rocks

Recreate the look:

This villa is the perfect getaway for beach-lovers and surfers, as it’s located right at the famous Impossibles surf beach. But awesome location aside, the scene inside the resort is just as breath-taking. Chic doesn’t even begin describing the place, which features on-trend terrazzo sinks, art deco-esque bar chairs and chunky rattan-backed wood furniture. All this is set in an open layout decked out in sand hues, so it feels cool and laidback.

One of the best things about adopting a resort style home is the feeling like you’re always on vacation. So just like in this Balinese resort with its sundeck chairs facing the ocean and its cane loungers, you will want to do up a variety of areas in your home for lounging and relaxing.

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Book a stay* at one of these gorgeous villas and get inspired for real on your next holiday. All villas shown here are available for booking at Villa Finder.

*We are mindful that with the current pandemic situation, travel might not be permissible or encouraged. While our travel plans are affected, no one says we can’t dream a little. Bookmark this page for later!


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