German Brand Viessmann Wants to Improve the Way We Consume Water

  • Jan 25, 2022

Beyond monitoring our utilities bills, we don’t think a lot about the quality of water in our homes. After all, Singapore is known for its safe and drinkable tap water. But as we grow accustomed to this high standard, there is a demand for more convenient and instant access to a higher quality of water. This is likewise sought after by the discerning coffee aficionado, which many Singaporeans have become. As water hardness can affect the taste of coffee, a high quality of water is needed to brew that perfect cup of joe. That's where the German-headquartered company, Viessmann, comes in.

Germany's prowess in engineering is second to none. And it shows in Viessmann's technologically-advanced water heaters, water purifiers and hot water systems, which are designed to elevate the well-being and comfort of living for homeowners by giving us pure, clean and hot water for our everyday needs.

Who is Viessmann?

Although a new name in Singapore, Viessmann is a renowned brand built on German heritage and leadership in heating and ventilation. Based in Allendorf, Germany, the family-run business was founded in 1917 and within four generations, has evolved to a comprehensive solution provider that is passionate about creating living spaces for generations to come.

Viessmann is a family-run business now in its fourth generation, helmed by Maximilian Viessmann (left); he succeeds Professor Dr Martin Viessmann (right), who developed the company into a leading international manufacturer of climate and energy solutions.

Currently in its fourth generation under CEO Maximilian Viessmann, the company has ventured into the South East Asia (SEA) and Singapore markets and are looking to bring more innovative home improvement solutions using modern technologies, integrated systems, as well as digital platforms and services.

Improving our everyday needs

One of the first products Viessmann has introduced to Singapore is their range of domestic water solutions. These are electric and non-electric water purifiers, electric storage and instant water heaters as well as clean hot water systems.

Viessmann's range of water purifiers.

Part of Viessmann’s wide-ranging climate solutions—which form the heart of the business and what they do—the water heaters and purifiers cover a number of applications in the home and are developed with an emphasis on safety, user-friendliness, quality design and durability to meet the comfort and hygiene demands and standards of the modern family in Singapore. The result is a constant and reliable quality of water that has improved the way we consume water at home.

Viessmann's range of water heaters include electric instant water heaters.

A more reliable and higher quality of drinking water

While Singapore is one of the few countries where tap water is safe to drink, there is still considerable appetite for access to a consistent higher quality of water.

Viessmann's VITOPURE line of water purifiers eliminates any water variability. Water that runs through these purifiers are softened, resulting in a crisper, more tasteful drinking water of a consistent pH and hardness at all times. For those who like a good cup of espresso to start the day, having access to this higher quality of water means you get to prepare the perfect brew every single time.

The VITOPURE S4-RO employs a reverse osmosis process for cleaner drinking water.

A safe and consistent hot shower experience

Think about coming home at the end of a tiring work day and immersing yourself in a hot shower with reliably regulated temperatures that aren’t too hot at one moment and too cold the next. Viessmann’s VITOWELL series of electric water heaters mean that consistent hot showers are no longer elusive.

The VITOWELL comfort Premium Storage Water Heater has a temperature LED ring indicator on its sleeve to tell you when the water heating process is complete.

Because safety is paramount, the water heaters are equipped with a double-safety thermostat to prevent short circuit and overheating. There is also an anti-scalding protection in place for the instant water heaters, wherein the devices will automatically shut down at 55 deg C.

The VITOWELL easy Deluxe Instant Water Heater features a memory mode that lets you store and recall your ideal temperatures.

Maintenance will be a breeze and repairs minimal as the products are built on Ceratech Technology, with ceramic heating elements and high-quality ABS material for durability.

Available in Classic, Premium and Deluxe, the slim profiles of the instant water heaters mean they are suitable even in tight bathrooms while the storage water heaters come in 10- to 30-litre capacities and serve a wide variety of needs both in bathrooms and kitchens.

The VITOPURE water purifiers and VITOWELL water heaters can also be combined together in an integrated clean, hot water system, offering you a constant clean supply of hot water for maximum comfort, hygiene and well-being.

This article is brought to you by Viessmann. Learn more here.    
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