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14 Steal Worthy Storage Ideas and Hacks for Tiny Spaces

In Singapore, square footage comes at a high premium. Case in point; the newly launched 2 bedder condominium apartments in recent years do not come with either a yard or a utility room. Even the HDB apartments are not spared; the multi-generation flats from yesteryear have shrunk from the size of 171 sqm to 115 sqm!

What does this trend mean to you?

Homeowners like you would have to be creative and look elsewhere for your pressing storage solutions. However, in case you are wondering which storage ideas to DIY or turn to your renovation professionals for help, we are here to help! In this post, we have gathered 14 ingenious storage ideas and hacks for tiny spaces in every corner of your apartment!

Living Room

#1. Go vertical with walls!

You can make up for insufficient floor space with wall storage. Walls are excellent storage alternatives for storing of bikes and showing off your passion at the same time.

Design: Arc Define

Wall shelving is the key for creating a decorative vignette that showcases your favorite toy collection and even photos. You can easily DIY such floating shelves which are super chic and practical at the same time.

Design: Aart boxx Interior

Living room wall cabinets are essential to keep your living room clutter free and they are excellent options to maximize floor space while injecting an element of modern and contemporary touch into your living room interior.

Design: 2 Form Interior Design

Design: 2 Form Interior Design

#2. Furniture can be smart and functional too

Storage furniture is a smart and functional storage solution that saves space, which helps to declutter your living area effectively. Such a smart and functional storage furniture is also available as ottomans, chairs, benches and tables too.

Design: 2 Form Interior Design

#3. In-the-wall storage for the advantageous

Carving usable, tiny sliver of space storage right out from the wall’s structure adds an architectural interest to the living spaces. This is especially useful when you intend to install partition walls to delineate different areas between the rooms.

Design: 2nd Phase Design

Design: A.W.A Design Office

#4. Multi-functional TV Console pulling double or even triple duty

The TV console can double up as a unique display area and storage solution for the living room.

Design: A.rk Interior Design

You can also incorporate a hidden, pullout counter-top to increase your coffee table surface in a living room.

Design: Aart boxx Interior


#5. The kitchen island is the workhorse of the kitchenette

Aside from serving as an extra kitchen work surface and a dining table, a kitchen island can be rife with storage! Every inch matters when it comes to incorporating additional storage; open shelves at the sides of the kitchen island increases the volume of storage space considerably. In addition, you can also save more space with swivel, swing stools which can be tucked away when not in use.

Design: 2 Form Interior Design

#6. Take the cabinetry to the ceiling

Overhanging ceiling cabinets help to de-clutter the kitchen worktop and an excellent dedicated space to display your cool collection of wine.

Design: Altered Interior Associates


#7. Look beyond the bed headboard

With a little bit of creative juice, the headboard can function both as a key decorative feature of your bedroom and a brilliant bedroom storage too!

Design: 2 Form Interior Design

Design: AC Vision Design

#8. Look below the bed

You will be able to make the most of your limited bedroom storage by investing in a good storage bed frame. A storage bed frame usually comes in the form of multiple pullout drawers at the sides or at the foot of the bed. They are suitable for out-of-season clothes and bulk winter wear.

Design: 2 Form Interior Design

#9. In-the-floor storage for the ingenious!

Stashing stuff under the bed is actually quite a common practice, but storing stuffs within the bedroom floor is really something else! Yes! You can dramatically increase the amount of storage space simply by building a raised floor to reveal plenty of hidden storage.

Design: Aart boxx Interior

Design: Absolook Interior Design

#10. Window ledge for stylish space savers

Window ledges are prime real estate for the creative space savers to eke out more space in such an impossibly small and narrow space. The window ledge usually comes in a depth of a few inches of space in which you can simply install a slim drawer or laptop rack across the window frame to make the most of that limited area.

Design: 2 Form Interior Design

Design: 2nd Phase Design

#11. Retractable ceiling TV for the movie buffs

With a retractable ceiling TV, you can make do without the TV consoles and free up more floor place.

Design: 2nd Phase Design

#12. Double-volume space with an elevated loft bed 

An elevated loft bed is practical for bedrooms which are short on space since you can gain square footage easily by tucking a study table underneath the loft bed.

Design: 2nd Phase Design

Design: 2nd Phase Design


#13. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the tidiest one of all?

Bathroom storage cabinets are a must for keeping your toiletries and bathroom essentials tidy and organized. A sleek, 5 inch depth, hanging cabinet which oozes style is perfect for maximizing any tiny bathroom.

Design: 2 Form Interior Design

Design: 2 Form Interior Design

#14. What to do with that empty space above the water closet

The space in a tiny bathroom is a premium; so it is high time to rethink that empty space sitting above the water closet to make it especially functional!  You can opt for a slim and compact cabinet that fits snugly over the water closet or simply install open shelves for your towels.

Design: 2 Form Interior Design

Design: 2nd Phase Design

There you have it; 14 ideas to unleash your tiny apartment’s full storage potential!


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