16 Genius Ideas for your HDB Foyer

  • Aug 3, 2017

Most HDBs don’t have a stipulated foyer or an entryway, which is more commonplace in landed housing in Singapore. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create one if you have an HDB. A foyer is defined as the space that connects the entrance to the rest of the home. With HDBs so small as they are, having a foyer might seem a bit superfluous. But don’t think of it as a mere walkway. It’s actually the first thing you (or your guests) see when you come home, and a well-designed one would make a great first impression. Plus, it’s useful for shoe storage or a place to do final checks on your appearance before you head out for the day. If you still need more convincing, here are 17 foyer ideas in Singapore that will hopefully inspire you to create your own. [the_ad_group id="789"]  

#1: Shoe bench

The most common way to make the most of an HDB entranceway is to use built-in storages for your shoes. While you’re at it, we recommend adding a bench (not all shoes are slip-ons, okay). We like this one because it reaches all the way to the ceiling to make full use of the vertical space. You should also consider matching your built-ins with the theme in the rest of your flat. Design: The 80's Studio  

#2: Quirky storage

But if the above is too mundane for you, consider these quirky storage crates instead. Swathed in woodgrain laminates with black rims, their wonky placing helps to add a fun element to your entranceway. Design: DISTINCTidENTITY  

#3: Clean and simple

Sometimes, less is more. If you’re after a contemporary setting for your home, go the clean and simple route. This built-in storage along the entranceway is understated and elegant with a white glossy surface streaked only in a light wood strip in the middle. A recessed niche at the end provides room to display mementos. Design: Dots 'N Tots Interior [the_ad_group id="789"]  

#4: Textures aplenty

A corkboard wall conceals the doorway into the bomb shelter, which is by the entrance in this HDB flat. An amalgamation of different hexagon flooring tiles – some in white and others in Peranakan motif – lead the way into the rest of the flat. Design: The 80's Studio  

#5: Cosy corner

Here’s another foyer design that makes a distinctive impression with flooring. But rather than show the way into the rest of the home, the tiles lead to the bench by the shoe storage that doubles as a cosy reading nook. The perforated metal grilles serve as an area divider. Design: DISTINCTidENTITY  

#6: Go green

A little greenery never hurt anybody. Here, vertical greenery bordering a corrugated wood feature enlivens this entranceway, creating a refreshing scene that makes you feel extra welcomed when you step inside. Design: Free Space Intent [the_ad_group id="789"]  

#7: Floating on air

Light-coloured storage always gives the illusion of more room, so opt for that if you're hoping to maximise the sense of space at your foyer. You should also consider a “floating” design, which frees up square footage and lends a sense of airiness. LED stripes further enhance this look. Design: Unity Interior Design  

#8: Dark and intense

But if drama is the thing you’re going for in your entranceway (and we don’t mean the channel 8 sort), we recommend swathing your cabinets in black. Pair it with black-and-white floor tiles (and your pet dog if you have one) and you have a welcome that is worthy of a magazine spread. Design: The Scientist  

#9: Who let the dogs out?

Speaking of dogs, why not place your pet gate by the foyer? (Caution: Not a good idea if your dog tends to bark at every person that passes by your corridor.) Design: The 80's Studio  

#10: Calming oasis

Invite the outdoors in with a foyer design that looks like a Zen garden, complete with pebbled footpath and potted greenery. Design: Rezt & Relax Interior [the_ad_group id="789"]  

#11: Fun with geometry

A large mirror leans casually against the wall in this foyer that is defined primarily by colourful geometric floor tiles. The shoe cabinet functions as a display shelf and a room divider. Its see-through nature ensures that light and ventilation from the entranceway enters into the rest of the home. Design: The Scientist  

#12: Conceal, don’t feel

If bulky shoe cabinets at the entranceway are not your thing, go for recessed ones that create a more streamlined and seamless appearance at your doorway. Design: The Association  

#13: Chalking it up

A chalkboard wall lets you personalise your welcome message without fuss. It’s a great way to inject a bit of playfulness, suited for homes that are after a casual vibe or an industrial style. The perforated shoe cabinet below the chalkboard is not just a design element, it also provides necessary ventilation for the footwear. Design: Versaform  

#14: Fair and square

A small square by the doorway inlaid with patterned tiles defines the foyer neatly in this small home. Sometimes that’s all you need. Design: Z L Construction  

#15: Say it with words

We love this entranceway that features a conceal wooden door. A simple, customised quote is cast in spotlights, standing out in this little decorated, but tasteful foyer. Design: The Scientist  

#16: Extension plans

Nothing links up the entryway design to the theme in the rest of the home better than a shoe bench that extends all the way to serve as a TV console. It makes perfect sense, particularly if you don’t wish to create a divider and if want to create a more coherent look between the foyer and your home. Design: The 80's Studio [the_ad_group id="789"]  

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