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14 Genius Features You Will Want for Your Small Bedroom

Small bedroom? No problem. From visual design tricks to space-maximising storage solutions, these genius features found in Singapore homes will make your small bedroom great again.

1. Concealed vanity chair

Level 1: Eking out a vanity space by the side of the wardrobe.
Level 100: Tucking in a vanity chair and having it concealed and completely flush to the design of the wardrobe.

Design: Vitas Design

2. Bedside Nook

When you want to maximise closet space but still need room for a bedside table, carve out a little nook by the side of your wardrobe to make room for one.

Design: Adroit ID

3. Glass-encased Wardrobe

Walk-in wardrobes are totally possible in a small bedroom. But if you don’t like the visual bulk it takes up, enclose it with glass panels. It lends a sense of airiness and is a wonderful way to show off your wardrobe.

Design: Archiwu Interior

4. Concealed Doorway

For a streamlined look throughout your small bedroom—helps to reduce the visual clutter—hide away the entrance into your en-suite by flushing it with your wardrobe fronts. You’ll get to throw in a little extra storage space too.

Interior design and styling: Styledbypt
Renovation: Clover Space

5. Double-Duty Bedside Table

Make furniture in a small bedroom work extra hard to maximise space. This nightstand does double duty as a study desk for when the occupants need to work from home.

Design: Fuse Concept

6. Hidden Vanity

Corner storage isn’t always the easiest to make use of. Consider turning that difficult-to-use space into a hidden vanity where you can install shelves for makeup essentials.

Design: AgcDesign

7. Under-Bed Platform Storage

Going with a platform storage bed is one way to really maximise storage in your small bedroom. Think about installing a bed lift mechanism to make it easier to reach for the things you’ve stowed away under your bed.

Design: Starry Homestead

8. Mirrored Wardrobe

Mirrors = a small space’s best friend. Replace generic wardrobe fronts with mirrored panels to really bring in the light and a sense of space to your small bedroom.

Design: Proj.B Studio

9. Headboard Storage

Your headboard doesn’t just have to be a pretty face; make it also functional by incorporating storage with it. We love this minimalist one that provides room to use as a nightstand so there’s no need for extra furniture in the bedroom.

Design: Sync Interior

10. Under-Bed Lighting

Lighting is a powerful way to change up perceptions, especially in a small bedroom. Place LED strips underneath the bed and furniture and they can seem like they are “floating”, making your space feel lighter and airier.

Design: AC Vision

11. Rotating TV Wall

A rotating TV wall means you won’t need a permanent spot for your TV in the bedroom. This frees up space for extra storage, which you can incorporate to the other side of the TV wall.

Design: WEDA Studio Inc

12. Bed Surround Storage

The space above your bed is often overlooked when it comes to storage. If you are afraid that it will feel claustrophobic, leave some room and make sure you aren’t installing it too close to where you will be when you are sitting up on the bed.

Design: AkiHaus

13. Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed is the solution for you if you need your bedroom space to be more flexible and multipurpose. Once bedtime’s over, hide your bed behind stylish wardrobe fronts and then use the space for whatever you need.

Design: D’ Initial Concept

14. Concealed Vanity Storage

Don’t have room for makeup essentials? Build them over your mirror. This vanity storage opens up to reveal the mirror flanked by open shelves for storage.

Design: Charlotte’s Carpentry


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