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Geberit: 50 Years of Concealed Cistern & Counting

Do you know that the average person spends 3 months of their lifetime sitting on the toilet? With so much time spent doing…well, business, it makes sense to be more discerning of the toilet you buy. Thanks to the ever evolving technology, the toilet is now a wonder in itself. From bidets and self heating toilets to concealed cisterns and waterless systems, users no longer have to contend with the inconvenience of cleaning themselves or deal with clunky inelegant fixtures in the bathroom. To think that the toilet used to be a hole in the ground! XD

If you’re wondering what’s a trusty brand to get for your bathroom, then you might want to consider Geberit. Known for its luxurious bathroom fixtures, Geberit’s concealed cistern has been in the market for 50 years now; having just celebrated its anniversary over the last weekend. In fact, it’s best known for the concealed cisterns that keeps everything nicely hidden away–like the AquaClean Sela shower toilet.

Just check out how sleek everything looks!
The AquaClean Sela Shower Toilet is available in both wall hung and floor standing versions.


AquaClean Sela

Recently launched last year, the AquaClean Sela is a shower toilet that lets you experience the pleasant feeling of having been thoroughly and gently cleaned by water after you’ve used the toilet. It uses a soft jet of water mixed with air, which not only does an effective cleaning job, but reduces energy consumption as well. In fact, the shower toilet utilises only 0.5 litres of water for a pre-set spray time period (20 seconds) at maximum spray intensity! It’s like one of those electronic bidets, only better because its sleek design makes it perfect for any bathroom setting. The AquaClean Sela also comes with a slim remote control so you don’t have to wrestle with those ungainly controls at the side.


Monolith Puro

Living in a HDB flat and want to enjoy the same luxurious toilet experience that you get in hotels, but don’t want the hassle of a complete toilet overhaul? Then you will be happy to know that Geberit now has a series of bathroom sanitary modules for WCs that are able to use the existing supply and discharge pipes–the Monolith Puro. It’s not only easy to install, it also comes in a wide range of eye-catching colours and patterns. No more do you have to put up with the same old boring white theme; now you can choose from new styles like “Bamboo” and “Blossom”.

No more boring white! Now your toilet can look pretty too.


Oh and before I forget, there is the Monolith sanitary module for washbasins! Check out its sheer sleekness below. The storage cubicles are at the side, so all you have to do is give a little push and the hidden space will pop out gracefully. No more cumbersome vanity tops in the bathroom!



But you know what really impresses me as an end user? During the 50th anniversary event, I got to speak with Stefan Schmied, the newly minted Managing Director of Geberit, and he shared with me a few interesting things about their brand. For instance, do you know that Geberit has a 25-year spare parts guarantee for their concealed cisterns and flush plates? It’s not five, not fifteen but twenty-five years. How amazing is that? Not to mention that Geberit is now working on reaching out to the less affluent market, so it means the everyday man (or woman) can get to enjoy the ‘atas’ toilet experience too! =D

Another thing that I learnt that day was the fact that Hong Kong uses seawater in its flushing system. Now it being basically salt water, it tends to corrode the plastic within the cistern. When that happens in a concealed cistern, you know that trouble is just waiting to burst out of your walls in a horrible mess. I won’t bore you with the technical details, but suffice to say that Geberit has countered the problem with a special overflow in the concealed cistern. And that is just one of the many solutions that Geberit has developed to meet its customers’ needs. “We’re a solutions provider; we don’t sell the product,” Stefan enthused, “we sell the product as a solution.”

So there you have it. If you’re looking for a brand that doesn’t just sell you bathroom products, but provides suitable solutions for almost any construction situation; then Geberit may just be the brand you should consider.

SPECIAL PROMOTION! The Geberit Monolith Puro with the WC (Duravit, OXO, Johnson Swisse, Olympia, Ceramiq, Toto) is now retailing at SGD 999! Go check it out at the following outlets.


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