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Fresh new colour trends to work into your home for 2017!

Start the next year afresh with a new look for your home! Changing the wall colours is one of the most cost-effective way to create a dramatic change in home interiors – especially with hues that stand out rather than fade into the background.

Not sure where to begin? Check out these stylish colour palettes that are set to permeate décor trends in 2017, as predicted by the colour experts at AkzoNobel, the world’s leading paint and coatings company and manufacturer of Dulux paints.



New Romanticism

New Romanticism is a boho, eclectic palette that immerses you in the natural world and transforms your home with a truly creative flair. It is made up of earthy greens and spiritual lilacs and purples, and helps blur the lines between indoors and outdoors by bringing nature and a sense of serenity into your home.

When incorporated into the home, this family of colours allows you settle into a calmer mood and catch a break from the bustle of everyday life. The soothing nature of this palette can also help create a restful environment in the bedroom.



Shared Individualism

With its fresh and playful mood, this colour scheme is perfect for enlivening common areas spaces such as the living room or the children’s play area. Inspired by how people with different preferences live together, this look enables individuals to express themselves without conforming to a set standard.

Balance pops of bright yellow with neutrals to create a cohesive space with flair of individuality! This look is easily incorporated in homes already decked out in the Nordic style, as the vivid colours contrast beautifully with clean-cut furniture silhouettes.


The Working Home

According to leading specialist recruitment firm Robert Half, 87% of employers in Singapore allow their staff to work from home. As more people find themselves working at home, it is important to set aside a “work zone” for spaces to accommodate both work and play.

This can be done by accenting the study area with stimulating yet not overpowering colours such as mustard and ochre. This creates different zones within the home without compromising on the overall fluidity of the environment.



Considered Luxury

Featuring cool-toned neutrals and muted shades, this palette exudes a minimal yet stylish vibe with a hint of refined luxury. The combination of soft tones such as light greys, cream, and earth tones make it perfect for creating a light and airy setting for the living room, or a dreamy sanctuary that is both elegant and cosy in the bedroom.

Pair it with solid wooden furniture and porcelain tableware to add texture and depth to this timeless look, which would no doubt outlast many décor fads to come in the year ahead.


If you’re feeling inspired but still unsure about how different wall colours would look on your walls, try the updated Dulux Visualizer 3.0 app, which allows you to see and virtually paint your home in real time. After narrowing down some colour choices, you can try the wall colours out with the Dulux Colour Play™ Tester (pictured right), an innovative palm-sized paint tester that enables you to test the colours on your walls before embarking on the painting process. See how these painting tools can help you in your wall colour choices:

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