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Forget Under-Mount or Top-Mount. This Low-Maintenance Kitchen Sink is The One To Get

When it comes to buying kitchen sinks, homeowners in Singapore are usually presented with two options: under-mount or top-mount. And like with many things, there are pros and cons for both.

Are top-mount and under-mount your own choices for kitchen sinks?

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But what If we told you there was a new kitchen sink contender that was able to combine the pros of the top-mount and under-mount while eliminating the cons? What if said that this sink was more functional, more beautiful and so much easier to clean?

No, we aren’t spewing fairy tales. This new sink actually exists. It’s called the iQuartz Hachi flush mount sink and well, it’s pretty much magic.

Hachi flush mount kitchen sink


The problem with under-mount and top-mount sinks

By definition, a top-mount sink is a sink that is dropped into a countertop cut-out, with a visible rim perimeter that rests on the counter. Conversely, the rims of an under-mount sink are mounted beneath the counter, with the rest of the body hanging underneath.

In order to better understand why we’re fawning over the flush mount sink, there’s a need to delve into the problems associated with the under-mount and top-mount.



The edges of a top-mount sink rest flat on the countertop.

Compared to other sinks, top-mount sinks cost less to install. They are also flexible, in the sense that they work with all kinds of countertop, whether laminate, quartz or granite. However, top-mount sinks tend to be a breeding ground for dirt accumulation over time, particularly along the rims of the sink. And unless you’re a stickler for keeping your sink and the surrounding areas dry, algae will grow along the edges thanks to moisture retention.

Due to water retention, algae can grow along the sides of a top-mount sink.

In older designs, there is usually a very visible clear silicone along the edges of the top-mount sink. This silicone is a similar hotbed for grime and mould build-up because it tends to hold moisture.



The rims of an under-mount sink cannot be seen from the countertop. They are all hidden underneath.

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Despite the high installation costs, there has been a growing interest in under-mount sinks in Singapore, mainly because they look a lot nicer. Because there is no visible rim from the counter, you get a sleeker and more streamlined look than with top-mount sinks. With under-mount sinks, clean-up is also more convenient since you can now wipe down food scraps to the sink in one clean swipe.

But the problem with under-mount sinks is that there is still a gap between the sink and the underside of the counter. Even though it’s sealed with silicone caulk, it is not filled completely and is particularly susceptible to water seepage when installation is not done well and when the silicone is not applied properly.

There is still a gap between the underside of the counter and the sink, which may trap dirt or lead to water seepage.

The result? The gap becomes a leftover food trap, building up grime, mould and bacteria over time. Water can also leak into the counter carcass, which is usually made from plywood or laminate, damaging the entire kitchen counter.


Why iQuartz’s Hachi flush mount sink should be your kitchen sink of choice

Flush mount sinks don’t have the problems associated with the top-mount and under-mount sinks. Instead, they combine the benefits of both of these sinks, making them the obvious choice for your kitchen sink:


1. More Hygienic

The flush mount sink is completely flush to the countertop.

The silicone seal in a flush mount sink is completely concealed, and the sink is level with the counter. With no hidden corners or crevices, there is little chance of water retention or getting debris and leftover food stuck to the edges of the sink. There is thus minimal risk of algae, bacterial and mould growth as a result, leaving you with a cleaner and more hygienic sink even after a period of time.


2. Easy Maintenance

The design of the flush mount sink means you get to save time during clean-up.

A sink that can reduce kitchen clean-up time? Sold! The Hachi sink is completely flush to the countertop, creating a sleek and continuous surface with no visible seams to make clean-ups a lot less stressful. No more having to dig out the dirt from sink-counter joints! And because the edges are seamlessly joined with the counter, there is also less likelihood of the sides of the sink chipping off due to wear and tear over time.


3. Modern Design

The Solo 65 Hachi flush mount sink comes with a single bowl, making it suitable even for smaller kitchens.

What we really like about the flush mount sink is that it feels and looks like a single unit with the counter. It feels extremely sleek and modern, made more so by the fact that it’s constructed using a high-grade brushed stainless steel material.


4. Handmade

The Couple flush mount sink comes with two bowls that let you soak dishes on one side while washing dishes on the other.

Because each sink is handmade to order, you know you’re receiving greater attention to detail to ensure everything is fitted together properly. What you get then is a sink that is well-made, fits to your kitchen size exactly and is quality checked.

With a huge fan base and thousands of customers, it’s safe to say that the iQuartz Hachi Flush Mount Sink is a preferred choice for many homeowners.

The Hachi Flush Mount Sink by iQuartz is available in two sizes, Couple (830x420x239mm) and Solo 65 (650x420x203mm). For more information, visit


How to care for your stainless steel sink?

Caring for your stainless steel sink isn’t difficult.

Source: Pixabay

As mentioned earlier, the Hachi flush mount sink is made from stainless steel. And stainless steel sinks can wear off over time, getting dull or attaining scratches and hard water stains from prolonged usage over time. There is also a chance that they could rust due to environmental factors. But there are ways to remedy the problems so that your sink looks as good as new:

If it’s dull: Mix vinegar and water into a paste. Apply to entire sink. Let sit overnight. Rinse sink.

If it is scratched: Using a clean and dry cloth, rub drops of baby oil or olive oil onto the scratches.

If it gets hard water stains or turns rusty: Wipe sink dry. Mix baking soda and water until a thick paste is formed. Using a circular motion, spread mixture onto stains and rust using a soft cloth or sponge. Rinse with cool water and wipe dry.

Note: Never use a scouring pad, harsh sponge or steel wool on your stainless steel sink!


This post was brought to you by iQuartz.


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