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Finding the Wonderful in the Normal – Colour of the Year 2015

Now that the year has a couple more months to go before 2014 officially ends, it’s time to look out for the defining colour that will rule the palette kingdom for the next 365 days. If you’ve been following our Facebook Fan Page, then you would already know what is the colour of 2015 according to Dulux Paint. If not, here’s a pictorial hint:



Can you guess the colour of 2015 now? If you think it looks sort of pastel orange with a touch of the metallic, you’re not too far off. Meet Copper Orange, the colour that will define the upcoming year with a positive note!




According to AkzoNobel (the brand behind Dulux), this colour “reflects and complements all the major trends that have been identified for 2015: a warmth in attitude and a renewed emphasis on sharing; the natural palette of the earth, from clay tones to sunlit highlights of yellow; the skin tones that reflect human interaction and the sepia hues of the past”.

So how do they choose Copper Orange or any colour of the year for that matter? Well, apparently AkzoNobel’s Global Aesthetic Centre meets with a group of independent international creative experts from colour, design, architecture and fashion backgrounds who discuss their views and insights on how trends and colour palettes will develop and evolve over the coming year. So you can be sure that their choice of colour is firmly backed by sound advice from experts in their respective fields.




In fact, AkzoNobel’s research reveals that metallic colours are playing an increasingly important role in modern design from Stockholm to Shanghai. A warmer spectrum of pinks, reds and oranges is replacing the cool gang of greens and blues, so as to reflect the more positive outlook globally–which explains why we are seeing the metallic hues within Copper Orange.




We at RenoNation think that Copper Orange is a really fun colour to play with! I mean, just think of all the possibilities! It can brighten a dull room or add funky accents to boring space, so why not introduce it to your home for the new year?

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