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Finding the Right Bed Set

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New furniture can transform a room. If you plan on purchasing a new bed set as part of a master bedroom makeover, follow these four tips and be well on your way to a comfortable and updated sleeping space:

1) Measure carefully – Whether you plan to stick with the same mattress size or upgrade to a bigger bed, you need to measure your bedroom carefully. If you plan to keep the current size, measure from each side of the mattress to its nearest wall; do not measure from your current frame, as you may choose a thinner or wider frame for your new bedroom furniture. Also measure the width and length of the room. Mattresses do come in standard sizes, but manufacturers may vary slightly. Keep these sizes handy, though, especially if you plan to upgrade to a bigger size: 60 inches by 80 inches for a queen, 76 inches by 80 inches for a king, and 72 inches by 84 inches for a California king.

2) Go shopping – Hit two or three large furniture stores to get a sense of what styles you like. If you currently have traditional furniture, don’t assume you have to stick with it. Look at and consider many different styles. If you do come back to traditional, you will know that you explored other options before returning to your preference. If you go with something completely different, consider how it will fit into the rest of your home’s décor. You might want to choose complementary styles to avoid an abrupt transition between your master bedroom and nearby rooms.

3) Measure carefully again – Once you find a bed set you like, measure it carefully and compare the measurements to those you took of your current mattress and bedroom. Will the furniture significantly reduce the amount of room you have to navigate around your bed? Or does it still give you plenty of room to move around? The last thing you want is to have furniture delivered that proves too big for your bedroom. Appropriately sized furniture makes a bedroom feel more spacious, which leads to greater relaxation.

4) Shop for the best price – Note the manufacturer and name of your top choice for a new bed set, then search for the lowest price available online. Web stores such as Bedroom World can offer up to 85-percent off the suggested retail prices for the same beds found in brick-and-mortar stores.

Before your new bed set arrives, purchase new bedding to go with it. A new comforter set and pillows will complete your makeover, particularly if you do not have the means to repaint or put in new flooring. Sweet dreams!

Thom Alexander covers the online-shopping beat for several home publications. He recently redid his bedroom and found the best prices on beds through the Bedroom World online retailer. He even got next-day delivery, which allowed him to complete the master bedroom makeover more quickly than he expected.

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