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Feng Shui Principles in Singapore Renovation

An ancient Chinese practice, Feng Shui, is often used in landscaping, architecture, interior design and even renovation in Singapore. Feng shui is based on the art of balance and achieving that balance through harmonious arrangement of object and the wise use of space. It believes that all objects whether they are living or inanimate actually have a “chi”, an energy force that flows through it. Through the use of feng shui in renovations, it is believed that we can help promote prosperity, success, health and love. The secret lies in adjusting the chi in your home renovation.


Feng shui in renovation does not need to be complex or expensive. Here are some tips on how to work fung shui to your Singapore home renovation:

  • Avoid clutter and untidy places. When renovation your Singapore home, always avoid leaving areas looking cluttered. Make sure that there is enough space to store your items and if possible, recycle only the items that are essential. When your Singapore home renovation is done, remember to keep it clean and always maintain it that way. Make sure that your windows and doors are functional and that your home is properly lit and not stuffy.
  • In renovation, the direction of your house matters. In Singapore home renovations, especially those who are occupying Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats, this may not be applicable. To identify the facing direction of your home, find out where is the busy road, the active area where maximum “yang” energy is concentrated. That is where your house faces. If your door must also face that direction to allow energy to flow in. Choose the busiest road for the direction of your house.
  • In Singapore home renovation, the doors and windows are also considered important – as it is in feng shui principles. Doors and windows should not open straight to another door otherwise the energy would just leave your house.

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