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Feng Shui Afflictions for 2016

People today practice Feng Shui with the hopes of improving their life, wealth, relationship and health. While this is fine and good, all the hard works will surmount to nothing if there are killing or destructive energies around you in your home or your work place. That is why your first approach must always be to identifying the negative sectors or major afflictions in Feng Shui regarding your home and work place.

Do remember that energies will change directions and locations annually and certain directions are considered inauspicious because they will exert negative influences generally referred to as Sha Qi. Hence, it is never too early to take note of these afflictions and arm yourself accordingly for the rest of the year.


Here are some sectors and Feng Shui afflictions for 2016 that you should consider. They are:

Year Breaker – Northeast 3

  • The Northeast 3 sector is inauspicious in 2016 due to the presence of the Year Breaker. It is also known as the ‘Wrath of the Grand Duke’.

  • If aggravated, can lead to extremely serious repercussions.

  • Any renovation and refurbishment work in this area be called off, leaving this area untouched and inactive.

  • In the worst-case scenario, the negative effects associated with the Year Breaker can be worse than the repercussions of the Grand Duke.

Three Killings – South

  • The South sector of your property in 2016 as the inauspicious 3 Killings Star will reside there.

  • It is important for you to leave this sector to its peaceful time alone and not undertake any significant groundbreaking or renovation activities at this sector.

  • If provoked, this Star will manifest some serious unfortunate consequences for both the property and its inhabitants such as robberies, theft, mishaps and accidents, loss of wealth and material possessions, as well as persistent health complications.

Five Yellow – Northeast

  • The Northeast sector of your property in 2016 is the ‘danger zone’ for the year.

  • It is imperative for you to avoid this sector at all cost and refrain from undertaking any major refurbishment, renovation or drilling work to avoid provoking the negative energies contained therein.

  • Should your storeroom or washroom be positioned at this sector, you may want to consider relocating it to another area of your property to avoid being plagued by a series of concealed or hidden problems and agenda for the entire year.

  • However, if this sector is an open, vast and pleasant area such as a courtyard, you can anticipate the likelihood of sudden financial gains to befall you.

Grand Duke – Southwest 3

  • The Grand Duke resides in the Southwest 3 sector in 2016, bringing about negative consequences, such as misfortunes and accidents to the property and its occupants.

  • It would be best to avoid activating the negative energies contained therein, by refraining from renovation and groundbreaking activities at this area.

  • It is also not advisable to spend time at this sector, especially for activities that are important. The same rule applies to your workplace, whereby it is not recommended for you face or spend time at the Southwest 3 sector of your office, as negative consequences are likely to prevail.

  • To counter the negative effects bearing on this sector, you could put your back against the Southwest 3 sector to greatly enhance your authority at work, thus exerting better sense of control ultimately.

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