Feb 2024 BTO: Unit Analyses for Bedok North Springs and Bedok South Bloom

  • Mar 7, 2024

In Feb 2024, two new BTOs were launched in Bedok: Bedok North Springs, near Bedok Reservoir MRT, and Bedok South Bloom, closer to Bedok Town Centre. In this article, I explore the surroundings of both sites and check out the best stacks available.


Bedok North Springs

Bedok South Bloom


Bounded by PIE, Bedok North St 3 and Bedok North Ave 3

Along New Upper Changi Rd

PLH model?



Total no. of units



Unit types

2-room Flexi, 4- and 5-room

2-room Flexi and 4-room

No. of blocks



How tall?

16 storeys

25 storeys

Estimated completion date

4Q 2027

1Q 2028


2-room Flexi Type 1: $155K - $203K

2-room Flexi Type 2: $209K - $256K
4-room: $451K - $568K

5-room: $605K - $730K

2-room Flexi Type 1: $178K - $227K

2-room Flexi Type 2: $236K - $284K
4-room: $491K - $638K

Nearest MRT

Bedok Reservoir MRT (Downtown Line)

Bedok MRT (East-West Line)

What’s around Bedok North Springs

If you rely on public transportation quite a bit, Bedok North Springs would edge out slightly in terms of its location to the MRT. From this BTO, it takes around a 12-min walk to the closest MRT station at Bedok Reservoir on the Downtown Line with most of the way sheltered, although you'll have to go around a school compound to get to it. 

Site for Bedok North Springs is to the left of image, with Yu Neng Primary School to the right

Walking to Bedok Reservoir station, a mostly sheltered path

There’s also going to be sheltered access to the adjacent neighbourhood centre, where there is a wet market and food centre, alongside other retail and food options. For supermarkets, there’s a Giant Express and a U-Stars supermarket within the neighbourhood centre for your day-to-day groceries. 

For more food options, you can also head down to the popular Bedok 85 Market hawker centre, which is about 15 mins by foot.

I also love that there are so many green spaces nearby. Bedok Town Park is just across the PIE (which you can get to via an overhead pass across the expressway), and if you head towards Bedok Reservoir MRT, you’ll find Bedok Reservoir Park with its expansive greenery and water features.

The main drawback of this BTO is its location next to the PIE, which results in higher levels of traffic noise. For those who are driving, being so close to the entrance of a PIE is probably an upside since it means you can avoid having to go through a ton of traffic lights. 

Entrance to the PIE 

The other caveat is that Bedok North Springs is also adjacent to a school, so you can expect higher levels of noise and activity particularly during school hours. (We got to experience this during our site visit!) 

Besides Yu Neng Primary School, there are quite a number of primary schools located within a 1-km radius. This includes Fengshan Primary School, Red Swastika School, and St Anthony’s Canossian Primary School.

Which unit to pick for Bedok North Springs

There are three unit types to pick from Bedok North Springs, one of which is the usually pretty sought-after 5-room unit type, which is unavailable at Bedok South Bloom.

Most of the stacks at Bedok North Springs are facing either north or south, with a slight tilt to them. The stacks with a view of the PIE will definitely be noisy, but on the bright side, they are likely to also offer a picturesque view of Bedok Reservoir, especially for units on higher floors. So it's worth considering all your options before making a decision.


With the 2-room units, first consider if you are going for Type 1 or Type 2. Type 1 units are smaller and cheaper, while Type 2 units are bigger (with the possibility of adding a study room or a guest bedroom) and therefore pricier.

For Type 1 units, there are two stacks to choose from: 1516 and 1542. Go 1542 for the views and 1516 for the convenience. If you’re picking views, make sure you choose a unit that’s on a floor higher than the 7th floor. That way, you may be able to see beyond the car park to get views of Bedok Reservoir. But keep in mind that it also faces the PIE, so expect higher traffic noise levels.

Lower floor units at stack 1542 aren’t great since they overlook the carpark and face the drop-off porch.

If you’re picking convenience, 1516’s proximity to the neighbourhood centre will help you save some time. But it’s facing the school as well, so you might not get a lot of peace and quiet during school hours.

Another thing to note about the Type 1 units is that they are facing the rubbish chutes, which isn’t ideal for privacy.

For those opting for the 2-room (Type 2) units, you can choose from stacks 1510, 1512, 1514, 1526, 1528, 1552 and 1554. Go with 1510, 1512, or 1514 for convenience and 1526 or 1528 for the views.

Similarly, the views are those of Bedok Reservoir Park. Higher floor units are likely to get better views, but likewise, you will be subjected to the high levels of traffic noise from the PIE. With 1526 and 1528, those stacks are even closer to the expressway.

In terms of convenience, stacks 1510, 1512 and 1514 are your best bet since they are located closer to the neighbourhood centre, but they face the school so you will likely be subjected to higher noise levels during school hours.


If you're looking for a view of Bedok Reservoir Park, consider choosing from stacks 1522, 1524, or 1540 (floors above the 7th for this stack). Just keep in mind that these stacks face the PIE, so you might have to deal with higher levels of noise. Of these, 1540 is pretty decent, since it’s a bit further in from the expressway and it’s a corner unit that isn’t directly facing the rubbish chute so you’ll enjoy a bit more privacy.

I'm not really a fan of the other stacks. Stacks 1500, 1518, 1532, and 1534 face inwards and overlook the amenities like playgrounds, fitness corners, and pavilion on site. This means you'll have to deal with additional noise, and unfortunately, the views aren't great enough to make up for it.

The other stacks face the school (stacks 1538, 1548, 1550, and 1556) and are quite far away from the neighbourhood centre, so that isn’t something I’m particularly excited about either.


Check out stacks 1530, 1544, and 1546 if you want views of Bedok Reservoir. If you choose stacks 1544 or 1546, aim for a unit above the 7th floor to get a better view beyond the carpark. Also, keep in mind that these stacks have a view of the PIE, so you will have to contend with higher noise levels. Of these, 1530 is fairly private, since it’s a corner unit, but lower floor units also overlook a playground and fitness station so I recommend going for a unit on a higher floor.

Stacks 1502, 1504, 1506, and 1508 have sheltered access to the neighbourhood centre, which is really convenient. You have the option to either face the primary school or the playground/fitness station, but just keep in mind that these are areas where people tend to gather and can get noisy at times.


What’s around Bedok South Bloom

BTO Bedok South Bloom is a bit further away from the MRT station, the nearest one of which is the Bedok MRT on the East-West Line. It’s about an 18-min walk if you’re feeling like you need to clock in those steps, or two bus stops away.

Within the immediate vicinity, there’s also a neighbourhood centre nearby to meet your day-to-day needs. The Marketplace @ 58 area also has a wet market, a hawker centre and a large number of retail and other food options. There’s also an NTUC supermarket within the area.

Approximately 15 min walk away, there’s also the—we think slightly more exciting—216 Bedok Food Centre and Market area, which is part of the larger Bedok Town Centre. Besides the hawker centre and wet market, there are also some retail options, a community centre and the public library.

There’s also obviously Bedok Mall and the Bedok Town Centre (with its wide array of coffee shops) nearby, but like the MRT, it is not exactly within a comfortable walking distance.

The New Upper Changi Road that runs along the edge of Bedok South Bloom can get quite busy. Add the overhead MRT tracks to that, and things can get pretty noisy. Thankfully, most stacks aren't facing the road directly. 

Similar to Bedok North Springs, Bedok South Bloom also sits right next to a primary school—Bedok Green Primary School, so do take note that there will be likely be higher noise levels during school hours.

Besides Bedok Green Primary School, other primary schools that are within a 1-km radius include Fengshan Primary School, Red Swastika School and Temasek Primary School.

Which unit to pick for Bedok South Bloom

Unlike Bedok North Springs, the layout over at Bedok South Bloom is set in a more perpendicular fashion without a lot of stacks looking into another stack, which is great for privacy. Another good thing is that some stacks in this BTO will completely avoid the afternoon sun.


Decide between Type 1 or Type 2 if you’re going for the 2-room units. For the smaller (and cheaper) Type 1 units, you get to choose from stacks 1014 and 1016. I recommend picking a higher floor units, above the 6th floor, to avoid the higher noise levels and traffic fumes from being so close to the adjacent carpark and the drop-off point.

The Type 2 units aren’t ideal if you are after peace and quiet. Stacks 1030, 1032, and 1034 face the basketball court of another estate, while stacks 1000, 1002, and 1004 overlook the playground and fitness stations on site. If you had to pick, perhaps consider a higher floor unit (above the 6th floor) at stack 1004 so you’ll get some privacy since it’s a corner unit. Plus, that stack’s also located at a block closest to the nearest bus stop.

The basketball court in the adjacent estate


Units in stacks 1006, 1008, 1010, 1012, 1022, and 1024 have an eastern facing orientation, meaning you'll wake up to the morning sun and probably won't have to deal with the harsh afternoon sun. For the best views with minimal obstructions in these stacks, consider choosing a unit on the 17th floor or higher.

The 16-storey HDB blocks to the east side of this BTO

For other 4-room stacks facing outwards, such as stacks 1026, 1028, 1036 and 1038, go with a unit on the 16th floor or higher for relatively unblocked views.

If you’re seeking privacy and quiet, we’ll go with corner stacks 1012, 1022, and 1042 (for this stack, make sure it’s a unit above the 6th floor so you can be above the car park).

Finally, for those still deciding between Bedok North Springs and Bedok South Bloom, you may also want to consider the estimated completion date, any floor plan differences for the unit type you're interested in, and the proximity to the primary schools that are important to you.


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