Feb 2023 BTO: Unit Analysis for Jurong West Crystal

  • Apr 17, 2023

BTO Jurong West Crystal, which launched in Feb 2023, is located just a short walk away from Pioneer MRT station, making it a pretty convenient choice. Though the amenity clusters may take some time to get to, they're still within walking distance. We take a look at what else you can expect from this relatively small development (with just two unit types) and see which units would be the best if you're considering getting a home here.


Jurong West Crystal


Along Jurong West St 93

PLH model?


Total no. of units


Unit types

3- and 4-room units

No. of blocks


How tall?

18 storeys

Estimated waiting time

47 months

3-room: $187K - $249K
4-room: $288K - $372K



The last time we went to this site was back in 2021 when we paid the site a visit for Nanyang Opal. Today’s BTO in question, Jurong West Crystal, sits closer to Jurong West Jewel though, which sits adjacent and to the south of the BTO. 

Things haven't really changed much since then. The location is still pretty close to Pioneer MRT and the East-West Line tracks, which can get quite noisy. However, when we visited on a weekday evening, there wasn't a lot of vehicular or foot traffic, so it wasn't too busy.

Jurong West Crystal will sit between the tracks and the residential blocks on the left. Notice the proximity to the tracks.

Site for Jurong West Crystal.

A closer look at the proximity to the tracks.

It is a comfortable 7-min walk or so to the MRT station with a straightforward route (not fully sheltered). There’s a single bus service along Street 93 that can take you to various places in Clementi, Joo Koon and Boon Lay, which can be convenient if you are working in these areas. If you are just wanting to get to the major malls in those neighbourhoods though, it’s probably more convenient to hop onto the train.

Along Jurong West St 93.

There is a neighbourhood shopping centre nearby. Pioneer Mall is a 12-min walk away, so it’s not the most convenient. This 4-storey building houses a number of retail outlets, fast-joint joints, eateries, a food court and a Giant supermarket.

Next to the mall, there’s also a wet market and hawker centre, currently under construction but set to open later this year. It will go a long way to boost amenities in the area.

The neighbourhood centre along Jurong West St 92 is about an 11-min walk away. Besides a Prime supermarket, there are also various coffee shops, retail and service outlets, and a market.
Closer to home, there will be an eating house, retail shops and a mini-mart within Jurong West Crystal itself, which will be useful for daily conveniences. There’s also a bustling coffee shop, several retail outlets and a mini-mart right below Pioneer MRT station.

Gym rats and fitness aficionados will like the close proximity to Jurong West Sports Centre, which comes with a public pool, and Jurong West Stadium (running tracks!). Nearby, there will also be a site reserved for a park.

Jurong West Sports Centre and Stadium.

The site reserved for a park.

While the exact proximity will differ depending on the block you live in, currently, the existing primary schools that are within a 1-km distance include Frontier Primary School, Jurong West Primary School, West Grove Primary School, and Xingnan Primary School.


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Away from the noise of MRT tracks: One of the drawbacks to the Jurong West Crystal BTO is that it’s right next to aboveground MRT tracks. A carpark and on-site facilities help to buffer the noise somewhat, but it’s still recommended to pick a stack that is not facing the tracks if you don’t want to bear the brunt of the disturbance. In the map below, we also indicated the distances of the track-facing stacks to the MRT line.

993A: 404, 406, 408, 410, 412, 414
994A: 420, 422, 424

For more privacy: Located at the corners of each block and away from lift lobbies and the communal rubbish chutes, the 3-room units are the ones that are more private. These are the stacks to go for in each block:

993A: 402, 404
994A: 426, 428

Note: For stack 402, you may want to avoid choosing a unit on lower floors if you want a more private unit since this stack faces the car park directly and also overlooks the MRT tracks.

For a quieter living situation: If you're looking for a quieter unit, it's best to avoid stacks facing the MRT tracks and main road, as well as those close to areas where people tend to gather. These include the on-site facilities and amenities within BTO Jurong West Jewel (since it's in close proximity to Jurong West Crystal), such as the playgrounds, fitness corners, carpark, drop-off porch, and pavilions. Here are our recommendations for the quietest stacks:

993A: 412, 414
994A: 420, 422

No afternoon sun: Singapore experiences afternoon heat from two directions. From March to September, it's from the northwest, while from September to March, it's from the southwest. To avoid feeling the intense heat during certain times of the day, it is recommended to avoid units with main windows facing these directions. These are potentially the cooler stacks:

993A: 404, 406, 408

Relatively unblocked views: When looking out for stacks that have relatively unblocked views, keep in mind the height of neighbouring structures and neighbouring blocks. These are our best bets for stacks with unblocked views:

993A: 400, 402, 416
994A: 418, 426, 428, 430
*Note that it’s likely only units above the 4th floor that will get to enjoy unblocked views.

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