Feb 2023 BTO: Unit Analyses for Farrer Park Fields and Rajah Summit at Kallang/Whampoa

  • Apr 14, 2023

Looking to choose between Farrer Park Fields or Rajah Summit launched under the Feb 2023 BTO exercise? Before making your decision, you'll want to read our review first. Farrer Park Fields is a decent option as it is situated in a prime location (packed with amenities!) and is just a short walk away from an MRT station. On the other hand, Rajah Summit is in a more private neighbourhood, albeit a bit less ideal being far away from the MRT and its location near the PIE. We visited both sites and did a quick analysis to help you select the best unit.


Farrer Park Fields

Rajah Summit


Bounded by Race Course Road, Hampshire Road and Farrer Park Road (near Little India MRT)

Bounded by Jalan Rajah (along the PIE)

PLH model?



Total no. of units



Unit types

2-, 3- and 4-room units

3- and 4-room units

No. of blocks

7 2

How tall?

24 storeys

28 to 40 storeys

Estimated waiting time

53 months

58 months


2-room Flexi (Type 1): $185K - $229K
2-room Flexi (Type 2): $233K - $297K
3-room: $356K - $449K
4-room: $484K - $631K

3-room: $326K - $443K
4-room: $459K - $631K


Less than a 10-min walk away from Little India MRT station on the North East and Downtown Lines and couched next to the Little India Conservation Area, BTO Farrer Park Fields is offered under the prime location housing (PLH) model.

Site for Farrer Park Fields.

Besides its proximity to the city (it’s just one MRT stop to Dhoby Ghaut and five stops to the downtown core), it’s also very much surrounded by amenities all around.

A less-than-15-min walk will take you to Tekka Centre (a popular wet market and food centre) and major shopping centre, City Square Mall. There’s also the department store/mega mart Mustafa Centre within easy walking distance.

This BTO’s one for the foodies. Nearby food options are varied and quite possibly endless. Right off the bat and just across the road from the BTO are a series of restaurants under the rows of shophouses.

Plenty of eateries just across the road from the BTO.

Move further afield into the smaller roads like Rangoon Road or Owen Road for hipster cafes and bakeries. Then there are also late-night supper spots along the Jalan Besar stretch, which will take you just a little over 15 mins to reach by foot.

Should that not be enough, the site itself will also house a food court, several retail shops and a supermarket (located on the first floor of the MSCP).

We’ve also found out that the mixed-use development, Piccadilly Grand, located just beside Farrer Park Fields will also comprise commercial shops on the first floor.

An upcoming sports complex will also be built in the area and will encompass a park beside it. This will house a number of sporting facilities, including swimming pools and a field. According to earlier proposals, there will also be a jogging track woven through the estate and connecting the sports complex to the BTO.

At such central a location and one that is packed with a ton of amenities, there is a bit of a trade-off if you are looking for a tranquil environment. One of the sites just adjacent to the BTO is reserved for the Little India Bus Service, a designated terminal with pick-up and drop-off services for foreign workers commuting between major dormitories and Little India. The existing one is currently along Hampshire Road and is mostly used during the weekends and public holidays, which will add to the already bustling energy in the area.

The existing Little India Bus Service terminal.

During our site visit, we didn't encounter much vehicular or foot traffic, but that's mainly because a lot of the immediate areas are still undergoing construction. Once everything is completed, we anticipate more traffic.

Along Race Course Road. Not a lot of moving traffic here.

In terms of primary schools, it’s a possibility that Anglo-Chinese School (Junior), Farrer Park Primary School, St. Joseph’s Institution Junior, and St. Margaret’s School (Primary) are within a 1-km distance to Farrer Park Fields BTO.


Site for Rajah Summit.

Unlike Farrer Park Fields, BTO Rajah Summit isn’t within as easy a walking distance of an MRT. You can walk to Toa Payoh MRT station on the North-South Line (yes, we tried), and it takes you just about 15 mins and you will have to cross several overhead bridges. The upside is that it's a mostly sheltered walk.

One of the overhead bridges you can take to reach Rajah Summit from Toa Payoh MRT station.

Walking distance to Toa Payoh town centre and MRT station. If you are strategic, the walk is mostly sheltered.

One of the biggest drawbacks to this BTO is that it is partly bordered by the PIE. We stood at the furthest end of the site and could still a bit of the expressway. So consider how this may impact your day-to-day.

You can still hear the noise from the PIE at a distance.

The residential blocks are built a bit further in though with the Kallang River and MSCP helping to absorb some of the noise. But take note that the car park isn’t a tall structure, so you are likely to still hear the brunt of the traffic sounds.

Kallang River, providing some noise buffer.

If you prefer not to walk, the bus services available there can take you to the Toa Payoh MRT station in about 5 stops. They also travel to Town and neighbourhoods such as Tampines, Lavender and Farrer Park.

The BTO is located on the outskirts of various light industry sites, but during our visit, we didn't really notice any significant noise coming from them. Additionally, there are several temples nearby, so the area may become livelier during certain religious celebrations.

Religious institutions and light industry sites surrounding the BTO.

Along Jalan Rajah. Not a whole lot of traffic, though we did see several buses passing through at frequent intervals.

It’s not completely ulu. In terms of amenities, you get decent ones within a 15-min walk. Zhongshan Mall (big-brand names located here), Whampoa Makan Place (a popular hawker centre) and the upcoming mall Shaw Plaza (Balestier) are all within walking distance. If you are looking for more food options, the stretch along Balestier Road also houses a number of popular eateries and restaurants.

Across the PIE, you’ll get to enjoy the amenities within the Toa Payoh neighbourhood. There are plenty of food options available at SAFRA Toa Payoh, and if you’re into sports, you can head over to Toa Payoh Stadium/Sports Hall and Swimming Complex. For fresh air and greenery, there’s the Toa Payoh Town Park.

Toa Payoh Swimming Complex.

Toa Payoh Town Park.

If you have kids who are going to attend primary school, you’ll have several choices of schools that are within a 1-km distance. The actual distance may vary depending on which block you live in, but Hong Wen School, Kheng Cheng School, Pei Chun Public School, and CHIJ Primary School (Toa Payoh) are all nearby.


Colour Code:

For some quiet: For those seeking a quieter living arrangement at Farrer Park Fields, you may wish to steer clear of stacks facing the main roads, nearby amenities, and on-site facilities such as the childcare centre, car park, pavilion, drop-off porches, playgrounds, and fitness corners. Stacks with limited exposure to these areas may prove to be a better fit for those in search of a more peaceful environment.

16A: 213, 215
16C: 241, 243
18C: 303 (faces a road, although it’s a minor road and likely serving only a private estate)

For privacy: For those who value their privacy, a corner unit that is situated a bit further away from the lift lobbies and communal rubbish chutes would be a better option. It's also important to consider the distance between your stack and the opposite block. We measured the distances between our recommended stacks and stacks across from them so you can see if they are far enough away for you.

16A: 205, 215, 217
16B: 225, 235, 237
16C: 249, 251
16D: 253, 257
18A: 279, 281
18B: 291, 293
18C: 295, 299

Unblocked views: There are not a lot of stacks that offer unblocked views at this BTO, unfortunately. The unblocked ones are either facing the park/the upcoming sports centre or Race Course Road. Since we are unsure of the new sports centre's building height, it's best to select a unit on a higher floor for unobstructed views.

Some of the unblocked stacks are overlooking mixed-use buildings across the road from Race Course Road. Most of these buildings have height restrictions of 16 storeys and there's also a site reserved for a high-rise residential development. We suggest going for units above the 16th floor if you want unrestricted views.

16B: 225, 227, 229, 231
18C: 305, 307, 309, 311 (get a unit on a floor above the 16th floor)

Afternoon sun: Singapore experiences afternoon heat from two directions. From March to September, it's from the northwest, while from September to March, it's from the southwest. To avoid feeling the intense heat during certain times of the day, avoid units with main windows facing these directions. Here are the best options for cooler stacks in Farrer Park Fields:

16A: 201, 203, 219
18B: 283, 285, 293
18C: 303, 305, 307, 309, 311


Colour Code:

Some considerations:

Noise from PIE: Do consider avoiding stacks 154 and 156 if you can, since these two stacks are the closest to the PIE and are directly facing the expressway. For the units on higher floors, especially, as there aren’t any neighbouring buildings to help block off the noise. Even on the lower levels of these stacks, you'll still experience traffic noise and exhaust since they face the MSCP.

Road-facing stacks: Stacks 130, 132, 134, 136, 138, 144 and 146 face Jalan Rajah. As this road's not an arterial road, it doesn’t see a whole lot of traffic, but buses still pass through every now and then so you do still hear some traffic.

Inward-facing stacks: The rest of the inward-facing stacks face areas where people tend to gather so noise levels are generally higher. 140, 142, 150 and 152 face the playground, whereas 148 is located close to the pavilion. 154 and 156, as mentioned, overlook the car park.

For privacy: When it comes to privacy, get corner units away from the rubbish chutes and lift lobbies if you prefer not to have your neighbours’ looking into your flat. These are the best picks:

125A: 138
126A: 152

For relatively unblocked views: Make sure you pick a unit on a floor that is higher than the building these stacks face for an unobstructed view.

125A: 130¹, 132¹, 134², 136³, 138³
126A: 144¹, 146¹, 154⁴, 156⁴

¹ Units above the 25th floor
² Units above the 5th floor
³ Units above the 17th floor
⁴ Units above the 7th floor

Afternoon sun: In Singapore, the afternoon heat comes in from two different directions. Between March and September, it’s from the northwest, and from September to March, it comes from the southwest. To escape the scorching indoor temperatures during the afternoon, consider avoiding units that have primary windows facing these directions. These are the cooler stacks in Rajah Summit:

125A: 130, 132
126A: 144, 146

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