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Feb 2018 BTO: Analysing Teck Whye View at Choa Chu Kang

We’ve recently done a BTO analysis on Ubi Grove at Geylang, which was launched alongside Teck Whye View in the last BTO launch in February 2018. These two developments were highly sought after during the sales exercise.

If you were looking for a BTO unit in the west, Choa Chu Kang’s Teck Whye View would probably have been your choice. In this article, we will be looking at the surrounding amenities of the site as well as the units to pick if you managed to obtain a queue number for this BTO.


Site Visit

Plot of land reserved for Teck Whye View; currently used as a football pitch
Closer up view of the land
Facing the back of Junction 10

We visited the site during a weekday evening and found the place vibrant, yet not overly so. Compared to the more pulsating Teck Whye Ave at the next street, Jalan Teck Whye, where the BTO is, is a much quieter road. The BTO is located at the edge of Bukit Panjang and Teck Whye neighbourhoods.

A relatively quiet road along Jalan Teck Whye

Teck Whye View is situated behind a large post office, and is right next to a park connector that runs the length of a drainage reserve. This connector is heavily utilised and populated as it stretches across a good part of the Choa Chu Kang district, including Yew Tee.

View across the drainage reserve
The park connector leads to several smaller neighbourhoods within Choa Chu Kang

Across from the drainage reserve seems to be a parking area for heavy industrial vehicles. According to HDB, this will most likely be cleared away in the future for high-rise developments.

The land across from the drainage reserve is currently an industrial bus park

Just opposite the site of the future Teck Whye View, is another BTO building in progress, Teck Whye Vista was launched in November 2015 and set to TOP in the mid of 2020. It’s a BTO that only consists of 2-room flats.


Surrounding Amenities

Transportation options: Teck Whye View is located right between two LRT stations, Phoenix as well as Ten Mile Junction. There are also bus stops within a short walking distance, along Teck Whye Ave and right in front of Phoenix station.

We estimated it will take around 8 minutes to walk to Bukit Panjang MRT station, which links up with the rest of the stations in the Downtown line as well as the Bukit Panjang LRT station that goes all the way to Choa Chu Kang MRT.

Retail convenience: The BTO sits right next to shopping mall Junction 10, which is a two-storey mall located below a condominium. The main attraction of the mall is a relatively large Giant supermarket. Otherwise, the mall is rather quiet at this stage. There are however, several restaurants and food and beverage options within the mall as well as enrichment centres for children.

Just a short walking distance away (approximately 15 minutes) are two malls, Hillion Mall and Bukit Panjang Plaza. Food and beverage options are more varied there, with fast food options, bakeries, small eateries, food courts and restaurants. Supermarkets are NTUC at Hillion Mall and NTUC Finest at Bukit Panjang Plaza.

Walking along Jalan Teck Whye will take you the Choa Chu Kang Community Centre, where there is a MacDonald’s. There is also the Teck Whye neighbourhood centre, with a wet market and coffee shops, as well as an NTUC and a Prime Supermarket.

Schools: There are a lot of schools nearby, so you will always see students milling about. Within walking distance are Teck Whye Secondary School, Choa Chu Kang Secondary School and Teck Whye Primary School as well as Pioneer Junior College. In the other direction, you have West View Primary School as well as Fajar Secondary School.


Best Unit To Pick

The plot is relatively small and there aren’t many units to choose from. Teck Whye View has only three residential blocks, which ranges from 22 to 31 storeys. There are a total of 574 units to pick, and you get to choose from 2-, 3- and 4-room flats.


1. Stacks close to the car park
Avoid units on the lower floor of stacks that are located close to the 5-storey multi-storey car park: 46, 44, 40, 38 if you don’t want to be engulfed by engine noise and fumes.

2. Stacks close to the activity zones within the site
Avoid units that are located near the playgrounds, fitness stations and hard court, if you don’t want to be disturbed by high noise levels: 44, 66, 64, 62, 60, 40, 42


1. Stacks with relatively unblocked views
While the units at Teck Whye View are mostly surrounded by other buildings, most the units, particularly those at the higher floors, have relatively unblocked views because they are quite a distance apart from other neighbouring developments.

If you’re going for 4-room flats, pick 48, 50. They face the drainage reserve. Even though the land across the drainage reserve is set aside for high-rise buildings, it is still a relative distance from these stacks. Alternatively, pick higher floor units at stacks 46, 44 (they face the car park) that also receive relatively unblocked views.

If you’re going for 3-room flats, 20, 22 are some distance apart from neighbouring buildings.

If you’re going for 2-room units, pick 52, 54, 56, 58 that face the drainage reserve. Or go for higher floor units at 32, 30, 28 and 26, which face the relatively short post office building. Stack 24 also has no view obstruction.

2. Stacks that are cooler
Note that in Singapore, the afternoon sun comes from the north-west direction from March to September, while it stems from the south-west direction from September to March.

Unfortunately, most units at Teck Whye View do get a bit of afternoon sun and is relatively unavoidable. However, there are some units that have a bit of shade thanks to neighbouring buildings. Opt for lower floor units at stacks 46 and 44, 32, 30, 28 and 26, as well as stack 66 which received a bit of shade due to its proximity to stack 44.

Tip: When choosing, you can look out for units that have the afternoon sun facing the service yard. This will help your clothes that are hung out there dry faster.

3. Stacks that have more privacy
Corner units away from lift areas tend to have more privacy – no prying neighbours there! Go for: 46, 48, 58, 60, 40, 38, 34, 32, 24, 26.

Disclaimer: Action taken in response to the information provided in this article is at the reader’s discretion. Site plans and maps are from HDB.


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