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25 Feasible Layouts That Work With Your BTO Floor Plan

Getting the keys to your new flat at one of these BTOs?

Now is a good time as any to begin sourcing for ideas for to do up your new home. The great thing about getting a BTO flat is that you get to live in a completely new space. The downside? The flats don’t come furnish so you’re starting everything from scratch. Beginning on a clean slate can be a tremendous task, particularly if you’re new to the whole renovating thing. To get you inspired, we’ve compiled 25 ideas that will totally work with your BTO floor plan.



Located in Hougang, this BTO is set at the edge of its neighbourhood hence the name. It is a relatively small development with just under 500 units.

1. For folks that can truly afford the space, consider turning one of your spare bedrooms into a walk-in wardrobe. A fully carpeted floor is a luxurious choice. We like that the convenience of having the walk-in wardrobe so close to the bedroom.

Design: Forefront Interior

2. This layout marries the best of both worlds. You get to keep your open kitchen while a column helps to conceal the unsightly and greasy utensils and appliances. This arrangement doesn’t really allow for an island, but it does give you a pretty savvy peninsula counter that can double up as a casual eating spot.

Design: Design 4 Space

3. If open kitchens aren’t your thing, you can always do closed cooking spaces with a cut-out that promotes accessibility. This nifty one by Hue Concept connects the dry and wet kitchens together and functions as an extendable table top when opened. It can also be closed for a seamless appearance.

Design: Hue Concept



Situated in the eastern part of Sembawang, EastCrown @ Canberra is so called because of its crown-like features on its roof. There are eight blocks, each 13 storeys high with a total of 1,220 units.

4. Maximise a small kitchen with full-height cabinets and light-coloured cupboard fronts that help to make the space appear bigger and brighter. The absence of doors and the addition of the transparent glass panel at the entrance prevent the space from feeling claustrophobic.

Design: Design 4 Space

5. A fuss-free dressing table serves as the perfect room divider between the open-plan sleeping quarters (the main bedroom) and the walk-in wardrobe (bedroom).

Design: DB Studio

6. This open-concept study sits right behind the living room. It helps to create a larger sense of space for the communal area, while still setting aside an area for the homeowners to work from home. The curvaceous raised wooden platform delineates the study zone from the living room.

Design: Rezt & Relax Interior



Whoever said Punggol was ulu obviously hasn’t seen the recent developments there. The up-and-coming town is filled with facilities aplenty. And it’s no different for BTO Punggol BayView, which has the promenade and park connector fronting the development. The units at this BTO are premium ones with full-height windows in the communal areas. Some units also come with a balcony.

7. Most BTOs don’t come with a balcony, which is why the units at this BTO were so sought after. If you’re lucky enough to get a flat with a balcony, create a cosy nook perfect for sipping teas and watching the world go by. Jazz it up with fun flooring tiles and include lots of greenery for that urban jungle feel.

Design: Hue Concept

A few of the 5-room units in this BTO come with a uniquely shaped main bedroom that affords plenty of extra space (yay for more room!). For these 5-roomers, here’s what you can do with your sleeping quarters.

8. Go with the flow of your angled bedroom and place your furniture in an angle, because it’s way more fun and creates a dimension to a boring room! Because of the extra space, you can even afford a small reading couch inside your bedroom.

Designs: UNO Interior

9. Maximise your bonus square footage with a bay window and a long dressing table that extends from the bedside table.

Designs: UNO Interior



This BTO is called ‘towers’ for a reason. There are only three residential blocks, but each range from 32 to 34 storeys high. The blocks come with a landscaped sky terrace situated at the 24th or 25th floors, an ideal spot for watching the city go by.

10. A small studio apartment doesn’t mean it can’t be fully furnished Make use of that space you have within your bedroom for an open closet and a dressing table. It’s entirely possible:

Design: Diva’s Interior Design

11. If bay windows are your thing, this is for you. Convert one of your spare rooms into a relaxing lounge, complete with a customised bay window seat that doubles as a chill zone and storage space.

Design: The Mind Design

12. An alternative to cabinets in your kitchen are open shelves, which are less visually heavy and therefore perfect for petite cooking zones. They have a tendency to look cluttered so manage your bric-a-bracs with identical storage boxes for a neat and organised look.

Design: Fifth Avenue Interior



This Sembawang development features a community garden, great for folks with green thumbs. It comprises a total of 700 units of 2-, 3- and 4-room standard flats.

13. 2-room flats don’t come with the extra space for a study area. But you can eke out one within your bedroom. Full-height shelves act as a divider between the working and sleeping zone, but keep them see-through to reduce visual bulk.

Design: Rezt & Relax Interior

14. You don’t need a resort sized apartment to adopt the resort style. It is possible no matter what the size of your space is! Create an indent ceiling that will make your living room appear taller. The raised platform is a perfect space divider and it helps to create a more cohesive look for the different elements in this living room.

Design: Meter Square

15. The 4-room flats come with an open kitchen already (as most BTO units now do), so take advantage of that and create a bar counter that can double as extra countertop space! The tall bar counter is a great way to segregate your cooking area from the rest of your apartment too.

Design: Posh Living Interior Design



Toa Payoh Crest is located at a coveted mature estate and is one of the tallest developments in the neighbourhood at 40 storeys high. The BTO offers studio apartments, which are mainly catered for the elderly as well as 3- and 4-room flats.

16. Most built-in wardrobes in the bedroom are usually positioned in front of the beds. But you can locate it at the back as the header of the bed serves as a natural partition between your changing area and sleeping quarters. It helps to create an alcove too, for more privacy when you’re dressing up.

Design: Story of Us

17. There’s no other room cosier than this study room cum chill-out zone, made homier with the large area rug and assortment of cushions and beanbags. The bright hues and prints give off a country-style vibe.

Design: Fifth Avenue Interior



One of the very first BTOs built in the Bukit Batok West BTO cluster, West Ridges features residential buildings placed in a staggered height arrangement for a ridge-like effect. A few units feature the living room in the middle of the flat, unlike conventional arrangements where the communal zone is located at a corner.

18. Who says you can’t have a bathroom in an HDB flat? Fit one in the width of your master en-suite and complete the plush look with marble look-alike flooring tiles.

Design: Hue Concept

19. This bright and breezy kitchen is possible in part thanks to the open concept and also the glass sliding doors that separate the service yard from the cooking space. This particular 5-room layout at West Ridges means the living room is closely located to the kitchen area, which is a great arrangement if you tend to host often since it facilitates entertaining.

Design: UNO Interior

20. Having a slit opening in the kitchen that directly opens into the dining tables creates a convenient flow when serving meals. Sliding glass panels help to keep the fumes at bay.

Design: KYDA Interior



The design of this development is inspired by the former brick factories previously occupying the area. As such, it features a brickwork pattern on its façade. Terra is also a play on the word ‘terracotta’, a clay-based ceramic used to make bricks.

21. A long galley kitchen doesn’t have to look small and constricted. Use white, handle-less cabinets for a streamlined appearance. Warm LED lights provide the necessary illumination while giving the space a cosy vibe.

Design: Rezt & Relax Interior

22. Bounded by black aluminium-framed glass walls, the study still feels like part of the home rather than sticking out like a sore thumb thanks to the similar materials used for the study cupboards and the feature walls in the living room. The transparent divider keeps things from looking too restricted, creating an open feel without sacrificing privacy.

Design: UNO Interior



You know you’ve got a winner when the BTO is situated next to a large leisure waterbody. Next to Jurong Lake, Yung Ho Spring is located within a neighbourhood that is set to be a prime spot in the coming years with Jurong town heralded as the downtown district of the west.

23. Have your chest of drawers serve as a header and divider for your bed too. This design is particularly great for compact spaces.

Design: Lemonfridge Studio

24. A flamboyant shower curtain makes all the difference in a petite bathroom. Keep the rest of the space in a neutral hue for it to stand out.

Design: The Scientist

25. Use one side of your galley kitchen as a breakfast counter if you don’t need the extra cabinets. You can also use it as an extended kitchen countertop. We recommend hacking away half the concrete walls in that area, and replacing them with glass windows for that casual, café atmosphere.

Design: Willis Design


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