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9 Fabulous Bathroom Trends in Singapore to Consider for the Rest of 2019

With 2019 halfway through, it’s time to revisit design trends to see what’s going to be in for the rest of the year. This time, we’re putting the focus on bathrooms. These ideas we collated below will definitely get you all excited about your bathroom renovation. Some are new, some are a comeback trend, but they all made the cut because we’ve seeing more of them in a number of homes in Singapore. And since they are so steal-worthy, they will definitely be trending for the rest of the year.

The thing with trends though is that there isn’t a rule you have to follow them or—gasp—use them all. What we hope to bring about through these articles is for you to see what’s out there and to make the choice yourself to see if they fit in with what you want for your home.

1. Vessel Sinks

Design: Rockin’ Space

Unlike top-mount or under-mount sinks, these sinks sit atop the vanity counter. Vessel sinks are only really used in bathrooms since they are not quite feasible in the kitchen. They’ve been popular for some time now, but we’re really seeing an explosion in recent homes here.


We think it might be because bathrooms are getting smaller—vessel sinks are perfect if you have a limited square footage since they free up more countertop space for your toiletries and bathroom essentials. You will also require a shorter vanity cabinet to accommodate for that extra height from the exposed sink, which can help shave off some costs. Plus, they are a practical solution for homeowners who think long-term since they can be easily replaced. Whatever the reason, we love seeing them in our bathrooms.

2. Apron-Front Sinks

Design: Icon Interior Design

Besides vessel sinks, we’re also seeing more apron-front sinks in the bathroom. Conventionally, apron-front sinks were the purview of the kitchen, but they’re slowly making their way into bathrooms, and we are not complaining.

Think apron-front sinks and you might immediately associate them with the rustic, farmhouse look. But going for a sleeker sink can lend an incredibly contemporary look as well. Essentially, apron-front sinks have their fronts protruding out from the cabinetry so they can make a huge visual statement.

Design: Three-D Conceptwerke

Unfortunately, apron-front sinks are often costlier to install since you will need to cut out your cabinet fronts to fit them. And if you’re looking to replace them down the road, you might need to redo your entire vanity cabinet. But hey, if you’re looking to make a statement, this sink is it.

3. Floating Vanities

Design: Neu Konceptz

Our third bathroom trend is a great choice for a smaller space since they free up floor estate to give the sense of a visually lighter and airier bathroom. There are other benefits too: a floating vanity also lowers the risk of your cabinets getting damaged by water retained on the floor and it also makes bathroom clean-up a whole lot easier.

Design: Schemacraft Interiors

Sure, it might mean you have to sacrifice some storage room since you now have a smaller vanity cabinet, but the wonders it does for a small bathroom is well worth it we think. If you are really in need of storage, you can always incorporate bathroom organisers underneath the vanity. The empty space is also a great spot for your laundry basket. But we still recommend leaving it empty to take full advantage of the light and airy look.

4. “Shaved Off” Vanities

Design: Third Avenue Studio

For a lack of a better term, we’re naming our fourth bathroom trend, the “shaved off” vanity since it looks like a part of the cabinet has been shaved off. In actuality though, this vanity design comes with additional open shelves that are added to the cabinets to create extra storage space.

Design: In-Expat

Rather than standard boxy shelves, the shelves are deliberately made angular so as to maximise storage without being obtrusive to the space. The result also gives more visual interest to the bathroom.

5. Vanities with Open Storage

Design: Urban Habitat Design

Following on that trend, we’re also seeing more vanities with open storage. Whether the vanities come also with closed cabinets or are just completely open, open storage is trending. Like the floating vanity design, open storage helps to create a visually less bulky space, but it does mean you have to keep your clutter in check. Boxes and baskets can help to organise your essentials while adding interesting textures to your bathroom.


An open storage vanity is an especially good look if you’re going for darker or visually heavier materials for your cabinets e.g. dark, rustic wood, as it can help to lighten up your space and make it more modern.

6. Pendant Lights

Design: The Scientist

As bathrooms are no longer just for function, we’re seeing more homeowners finding ways to create stylish and elegant zones that make getting ready in the mornings that much more pleasant. One of which is through incorporating pendant lights.

Pendants are great as an ambient light or a task light, depending on where you position it. Place it near your vanity mirror if you’re using it as a task light e.g. to make it easier to go about your daily grooming such as applying makeup or shaving, or position them near the centre of your bathroom if you’re using it as an ambient light, that is, an overall light for your bathroom. Lighting layers are important for your bathroom, so make sure you aren’t just using one light source for the entire space.

Design: Lemonfridge Studio

We’re seeing a lot of single pendants by the vanity mirror look, which breaks up the visual symmetry and makes things a little bit more interesting. But it’s also a practical decision since they take up a lot less space than going for two.

7. Chevron’s Back!

Design: Adroit Interior Design

This surface trend, once raved then disappeared for a while, is slowly creeping back to bathrooms, serving as an alternative to its close cousin, herringbone. Both patterns are similar, but the chevron pattern features a sharp, pointed ‘V’, while herringbone lends a more zigzag pattern. We’ve been seeing a lot of herringbone for the past few years now, so people might be wanting to embrace a new change. And it’s a welcome one.

Design: The 80’s Studio

Like herringbone, chevron adds a geometric interest to your space, but because it’s a more expansive pattern, it can also give the illusion of length. Chevron patterns create ‘arrows’ which can give the impression of movement for a more visually dynamic bathroom.

8. Oblong Mirrors

Design: Third Avenue Studio

Even though mirrors are accessories, they are a big part of a bathroom and can definitely make a visual impact. Conventionally, rectangle and circle ones have dominated the scene, but more homeowners are going for oblong mirrors, which sit in between both options and can add an unusual twist.

Design: Icon Interior Design

Unlike their rectangle counterparts, their curvaceous lines soften the edges of your cabinets, creating a gentler, more welcoming bathroom. And unlike circle mirrors, they offer more reflective space, making them more practical.

9. Shower Niches with Contrasting Tiles

Design: Adroit Interior Design

Our final bathroom trend is another surface one. Recessed shower niches have been gaining popularity, primarily because they are a less obtrusive design compared to ledges. And they offer a very clean, streamlined look that fits in with the minimalist interior design look everyone loves. But this last trend is kinda bucking against this minimalist inclination.

Design: The Scientist

Instead of laying them in the same tiles as the rest of the shower wall, these recessed niches are instead laid in a contrasting tile. This gives a visual pop and keeps things interesting in the shower. It’s also an avenue for you to incorporate a more daring or expensive material you love but can’t afford to use or aren’t too sure about having it throughout the shower.

Which bathroom trend are you particularly keen on? Share with us in the comments section.


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