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Evoking the Arabesque: How to Bring the Moroccan Style to Life

Born in a country with a wild mixture of cultural influence, the Moroccan style is the epitome of the exotic, a blend of African, Arabic, French and Spanish aesthetics.

We probably can’t turn our homes into Moroccan riads; for one thing, most of our homes have no space for a lush interior garden, with elaborate fountains and greenery.

But to evoke the Moroccan spirit in your home, that’s a wholly different thing. Take a look at the following list of essential items for achieving the romantic Moroccan look, the Moroccan look is easier to achieve than you think. Remodelling not required.

Moroccan riad


What makes Morocco so special?


As a former French colony, Morocco is situated in the northwest of Africa. The resulting Moroccan aesthetics is an Islamic, African, Mediterranean and European mixture.

Notice the elaborate use of colours and patterns. Geometric shapes and decorative arches are often featured in the Moroccan style.

The Moroccan style might strike you as extravagant and elaborate, but not without a dash of naivete conveyed by the adventurous use of colour combinations.

Perhaps it’s the free use of colours combined with the severity of Islamic culture which make this style so unique and recognisable.

Earthy colour walls

Start with neutral tones for the colour of walls. Off white and earth-toned walls work well as the canvas on which you splash dramatic colours.

Patterned cushions and rugs

Patterned cushions and rugs


Due to the influence of Islamic culture, the Moroccan-style living room often uses cushions as a substitute for chairs.

In terms of practicality, the absence of chairs might prove inconvenient. Instead, you can treat the cushions as decorations and opt for low-seating chairs and tables.

The key to achieving that Islamic style is to lavish in decorating with its characteristic patterns.


Patterned fabric sofas embellished with bright colours are stylistic items both decorative and practical for domestic daily needs.

Esoteric ornaments

To evoke the Moroccan atmosphere, purchase unique furniture items for their ability to bring exoticism to the interior.

These items can include candelabras, bust sculptures, metal vases and colourful lampshades. Silver or gold Islamic censers are the quintessential items for this interior style.

Islamic censer



Substitute for traditional archways

Traditional Moroccan archways

Traditional archways are the emblem of the Moroccan architectural style. You might not be able to bring them home, but there is an attractive substitute available which convey the Moroccan feel still.

5-arch beaded curtains

Arabic room dividers


Beaded curtains and patterned room dividers can help you recreate the look of traditional archways quite easily. Opt for more neutral colours for these items to offset the dramatic colours of other furniture and ornaments.


(Image: Marrakesch Orient & Mediterran Interior)

Last but not least, the Moroccan lantern.

When unlit, the Moroccan lantern is in itself a feast to the eyes. These lamps are usually adorned with traditional Islamic patterns and shaped like a teardrop.

When you turn on the lantern, it will cast beautiful shadows on the walls of the interior. Installing a Moroccan lantern is indeed the quickest way you can transform your home into a miniature riad.

The French-Moroccan style

The French-Moroccan style is a fusion of the traditional Moroccan style and the French Country style.

Notice the elaborate use of pastel colours. Does this remind you of a more subdued and light-hearted Rococo style?


Achieving an interior style is about identifying the essential items of that style. You don’t have to have a house as big as a Moroccan riad to bring the exotic look to life. Sometimes, a few characteristic items are all you need.

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