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Embarking Your DIY Renovation Journey Part 1– Six Frequently Asked DIY Renovation Questions

For homeowners who want to get a glimpse of what to expect if they want to DIY* their renovation, you have come to the right place! As part of the RenoNation homeowners’ knowledge sharing initiative, we will be blogging exclusively on how we went about transforming a house without the assistance of an Interior Designer!

* In this context, we are referring to the embarking of a renovation project without the assistance of an Interior Designer.

Source: A Couple’s Decision to DIY their Home Renovation

Without further ado, let us first kick off with 6 FAQs about DIY Renovation:

1. Which types of renovation projects are suitable for DIY?

Generally, renovation projects which have smaller renovation scope of work are suitable. Therefore, newly TOPed Executive Condominium and Condominium units are prime candidates since most of the renovation is already in place.

2. What are the advantages of DIY your home renovation?

The advantages include cost savings. In addition, if you are a hands on person, you will probably get more satisfaction since you are directly responsible for the outcome of your renovation. In certain cases, since you have removed the middle person – the Interior Designer, there should be lesser chances of miscommunication between you and your renovation professionals.

3. What could be the pitfalls?

There might be cases whereby you need to spend a bit more time and effort to rectify mistakes. Nevertheless, you have to be aware that this will happen too when there is miscommunication between you and your Interior Designer.

4. When should you not DIY your home renovation?

Aside from costs, a home renovation project requires both patience and time from you. If you are someone who could not commit the time and energy or need your home renovation to be completed within a tight time-frame, it is definitely best to leave renovation for the Interior Designers who are experienced professionals.

Design: Posh Living Interior Design

Design: Uno Interior

5. What is the role of an interior designer?

An interior designer delineates the interior living and work spaces in order to make them functional and aesthetic pleasing. In order to communicate his or her ideas to the client, the interior designer will make use of floor plans, perspective home interior sketches and 3 dimensional renders as the communication tools. The interior designer will also make use of various colour palettes, materials, furnishings and liaise with multiple vendors to achieve your desired style. Therefore, you will be playing these roles when you DIY your home renovation.

6. Do I need to be a renovation expert if I want to DIY?

Nope! However, although you need not be a renovation expert, you will require some time to read up, prepare, liaise and coordinate with the vendors on your end. Therefore, we hope to bridge this gap as much as possible by providing nuggets of valuable tips and tricks in our very own series of DIY renovation posts!  🙂

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