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6 Edible Indoor Gardening Kits to Help You Grow Your Own Food

Design: ROOOT Studio

With the pandemic, there is burgeoning interest towards urban farming in Singapore. If you are looking to jump on this bandwagon, there’s no place like home to test out your gardening skills. But for folks who are completely new to urban farming or just have hopeless brown thumbs, you probably need some help. These edible indoor gardening kits will help you get started while making you look like a seasoned gardener. And they just might help you save on groceries too.

1. Urban Farming Kit available at Super Farmers
Price: $45
Grow what: Kang Kong, Chinese Kale and Chye Sim

This insta-friendly newbie indoor gardening kit comes with in a set of 3 pots. Each pot contains an environmentally-friendly paper pot, two seed sticks that you just have to stick into the soil and a growing guide. Easy-peasy!

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2. Root Farm Edible Forest Grow Kit available at Go Pasar
Price: $9
Grow what: Black Tuscany Kale, Genovese Basil, Mizuna, Red Amaranth, Red Cabbage, Red Russian Kale, Scarlet Frills Mustard or Wasabi Mustard

Growing microgreens is a great introduction into the gardening world. They are basically edible plants that are harvested after only 1-3 weeks (depending on the plant) when small roots and tiny leaves have developed. Microgreens are nutritious, and go well with salads, sandwiches, soups and even omelettes. Keen to start growing your own? This kit lets you grow your own type of microgreens by providing enough seeds for four batches, and also comprises four hydroponics grow mats, a manual and a grow box.

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3. My Mushroom Garden Grow Kit available at Mushroom Kingdom
Price: $19.90
Grow what: Grey Oyster Mushroom

Fresh mushrooms in just under two weeks? That is what this edible indoor gardening kit promises. It comes in a carton box that has a lid by the side, which you will have to peel back to reveal a mesh substrate that you will have to cut into to allow the mushrooms to grow. Besides watering it at least 4 times a day with the spray mist bottle, it’s a pretty hands-off kit that will guarantee very satisfying shroom results!

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4. The Smart Garden 3 available at Click and Grow
Price: $189.95
Grow what: Basil or other fruits and vegetables

If you are willing to invest a little and want a growing kit that has more than a one-time use, consider this nifty kit. It does most of the work for you so all you have to do is insert the plant capsules (that has all the nutrients the plant needs), add water to a tank that will automatically dispense water and wait for your plant to grow. The kit even comes with its own plugged-in LED light source (it takes up about 8W of power) that will help to spur plant growth. The smallest kit comes with a set of basil plant pods to start you off, but you can also purchase other seed capsules from their website. There are over 50 varieties to choose from, ranging from fruits to vegetables and herbs.

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5. Beginner’s Hydroponic Kit available at LushGro
Price: From $35
Grow what: Bok Choy or other vegetables

Don’t want to deal with soil? Get involved with hydroponics instead, which grows plant using nutrient-filled water. This kit comes with a tank, a planting board with either four or six holes, a seed germination sponge, an instruction manual, a bottle of nutrient solution that will help your plants to grow and a packet of vegetable seeds that will give you the head start into hydroponics that you need.

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6. Edible Garden City RGB 
Price: $29
Grow what: Red Amaranth, Genovese Basil or Butterfly Blue Pea

This no-fail edible indoor gardening kit is self-watering. It comprises two pots, an inner pot for the soil medium and a transparent outer pot where the water or nutrient-filled liquid goes. All you have to do is fill the outer pot about once a week and the wicking system from the inner pot will help to transfer the water/nutrients to keep your soil moist. A geotextile material lining the inner pot prevents other particles from getting into the outer pot. The other great thing about this kit is that both the pots are reusable, so you can plant other seeds in the future once you get a hang of growing your own food.

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