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12 Easy Ways to Fill an Empty Wall By Yourself

Sometimes it’s best to leave an empty wall empty to avoid the space from looking overly cluttered. But then there are times when filling that void translates to a more complete home, one that feels more put together. This article is for times like these. If you are looking for ways to fill that empty wall without having to call on a professional, here are some ideas.

1. Position a tall plant strategically

Plants are such easy décor fillers for an empty wall. If you want to make it even easier on you, choose a tall plant (or a tall planter) with big leaves so you will only need to get one to really maximise visual impact. Our favourite greens for this are bamboo palm, yellow palm, fiddle leaf and elephant ear.

Design: Authors • Interior & Styling

2. Set up a spot for breakfast and coffee

All you need for a personalised coffee spot are a wall-mounted table (with brackets for support) and mad mural drawing skills. Don’t have the latter? Get customised wall decals that do the job in a nifty. The design below features a folded table so it can be kept away and out of the way when not in use—a great option if your empty wall happens to be along a high traffic area.

Design: Wolf Woof

3. Consider statement storage

Why not turn your empty wall filler into something useful—like extra storage? In the idea below, a simple metal grille functions as a display storage for a series of pots, pans and cooking utensils, categorised in colours. Not only is it stylish, it provides a convenient way for the home cook to reach out for their wares. Clever!

Design: Linear Space Concepts

4. Illuminate your room with a mirror

For small space dwellers, nothing beats using an oversized mirror to fill an empty wall. It makes your room appear larger and helps to bounce light around your space thanks to its reflective qualities. Pro tip: Have the mirror facing the window so that it can reflect the greenery outside.

Design: Versaform

5. Add a soft touch with textiles

If you are looking to add a more casual, bohemian vibe to your home or just wanting to balance the edges and lines in your space, consider textiles to fill up an empty wall. Think tapestries, macramé hangings and even rugs on walls to soften things up in your home.

Design: The Local Inn.terior

6. Hang up frames

When it comes to filling up an empty wall, frames are the obvious choice. Pair together a couple of larger frames or do up a gallery wall made up of smaller ones. Stick to a consistent colour palette or a theme (the design below went with ‘wanderlust’) to make things work. Mix up the orientation of the frames, using both portraits or landscapes. Use tape to lay out everything out on the wall first before going at it with the hammer.

Design: Story of Us

7. Prop up a ladder

Another easy way to fill an empty wall? Ladders. They are endless décor possibilities with them—use ladders as storage, a display platform for your trinkets, as plant stands or an ambient light source by stringing fairy lights around them.

Design: Aart Boxx Interior

8. Find your nook

More space to play around with in front of your empty wall? Incorporate a cosy reading nook! All you need is a comfortable seating spot, lots of soft furnishings for cosiness, a side table to set down your cuppa and a good reading light.

Design: Starry Homestead

9. Install a pegboard wall

Cover your empty wall with a versatile storage solution—a pegboard, which you can use to organise your things with pegs, shelves and hooks. We especially like using them in the study as they make for a great stationery organiser.

Design: SS+D Pte Ltd

10. Build a bookshelf

Turn your collection of literature into an empty wall filler by building bookshelves for them. Books don’t just add warmth to a space, they also showcase your personality, making them great conversation starters during dinner parties.

Design: Three-D Conceptwerke

11. Mount your bike

Convert that empty wall into bicycle storage to help free up some floor space. Rather than have it blend into the background, the designers here used spotlights to direct lights onto the wall-mounted bicycle, turning the area from storage solution into wall art.

Design: Hello Embryo

12. Turn it into a mini speakeasy

Style your collection of liquors on a bar trolley and have that amalgamation of glass bottles fill that empty wall. Choose a cart with a gilded finish for some class. Besides your wines and spirits, mix things up by including books about winemaking, stylish glassware or other elements like a vase of dried flowers.

Design: Arete Culture


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