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Easy Kitchen Renovation

We know how a kitchen is integral to a home. A dirty kitchen, cracked, crooked and rusty will not work. Make sure you invest in a good renovation contractor to turn your old kitchen into a homey, sunny one that will surely bring joy to you and your family. Here are some tips for an easy, breezy kitchen renovation:


  • Countertops make or break a kitchen. When you think of a kitchen, what are the first three things that come to mind? Most people would say countertops, stoves and flooring. Find a very sturdy countertop that would last decades. Ensure that it has quality aesthetic value and has a classic design. Most renovation contractors would recommend granite or marble as they will last a very long time and only roughly cost a hundred or more dollars.
  • If you can afford a kitchen island, go for it. As most of the homeowners in Singapore have space problems, not many would be able to go for a kitchen countertop in their renovation. If you are one of those with basically enough space to do so, then go for it. Do not put a large island if your space is not very large. Make sure there is enough area around the island for you to move around. Kitchen islands have to be made of sturdy materials too. Granite and marble will work well.
  • Choose only the essential appliances for your kitchen. An uncluttered kitchen is a clean kitchen. So if you have too many kitchen appliances and gadgets take a look at them again and see what you really need. Invest only in appliances and gadgets that last. High quality stainless cooking range and hood will serve you for decades. Choose a refrigerator that is eco-friendly and will help you save on costs. Also, for your ovens, wall ovens would be more preferable in your renovation. It would save you a lot of space.

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