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Easy Guide to a Stress-Free Renovation Project: The Next Step

This article is a continuation of the Easy Guide to a Stress-Free Renovation Project series. Here, we give you some tips to reduce the stress you feel in the course of your home renovation project.


  1. Now that you have established the basics and found a reliable renovation contractor, you have to understand that things do not work like magic. You have to wait, and waiting is not everyone’s strong suit. It will take days or even a month for your made to order cabinets to arrive. Sometimes, the materials you need may be out of stock so you will have to wait a few more months until it’s all ready to be installed. There will also be occasions when the colour or material you ordered is not the same as the one being delivered. For that, you will have to wait for the replacement again. Learn to stretch your patience.
  2. Gather up your family and create a diversion. Rooms are usually not renovated concurrently. The renovation contractor may start at the kitchen, or the bedroom, or the living room. When one room of your house is not available for use due to renovation works, divert your kids’ attention. Gather them up in one room of your house, play games and add a temporary barricade along that renovation portion of your home.
  3. Do not pore over the smallest stuff. Most contractors will do a basic cleanup after their renovation project, however, their cleanup will not usually be as comprehensive as you wish for it to be. They will most likely only do waste disposal, vacuuming and mopping. If you feel that the mess is too great and too stressful, you always have the option to hire a cleanup crew or hourly maid service.

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