Don’t Risk Having Pests in Your New Home!

  • Dec 17, 2015

Your new home is where your renovation begins and this can be also the beginning of a new home for some of the pests, bugs and creepy crawlies. Yes, right in your new home. rentokil-interiorToday, most home owners spend effort, time and investment to spruce up their home design and home decor. A home is more than just a roof for the family; comfort, aesthetics and safety form critical elements in interior design ideas. As the expectations rise among residents, quality of home conditions such as infrastructure and overall cleanliness become essential. With the efforts, time and money spent on home interior design and home renovations, home owners would want to ensure protection of their properties from the invasion of pests-living organisms which are detrimental to humans. Let the pest experts tell you which are some of the top house pests you need to take note of and useful pest prevention tips to keep your new home free from pest problems!      

Top House Pests in Singapore

A modern home design does not necessarily mean a pest free environment. Your home, whether new or old, is at risk of pest infestations if owners adopt poor house keep amongst other external factors.


cockroach-rentokilCockroaches are omnivorous, meaning they will eat almost anything organic- from food scraps to sugar, grease, glue and even books. Cockroaches need food, water, and shelter to survive. Keeping your home clean keeps them from finding comfortable places to hide and live in.   Tips for home owners: √ Fix any leaking taps; wipe spills and remove sources of water. Cockroaches can live for months without food, but die fast without water. √ Store all food supplies in airtight containers. This will reduce risk of food contamination as cockroaches often crawl in dirty drains and sewages, bringing along disease causing germs and bacteria. √ Seal all cracks and crevices and remove clutter which can become hiding and breeding places for cockroaches.  


main_pavement-antAnts prefer sweet foods more than anything else! An ant infestation in your home may get out of hand in a matter of short time when left untreated. They are considered pests because of the risks they pose. Ants can contaminate food, having crawled all over and possibly picking up dirt and infectious organisms from dirty places. Ant bites are also painful and stinging!     Tips for home owners: √ Clear away leftover food and food crumbs in the kitchen. √ Fix any leaking taps and wipes spills to avoid giving ants sources of water. √ Fill the tiniest cracks and crevices as ants can crawl through these in search of food.  

Bed Bugs

rentokil-bedbugBed bugs may be tiny (5mm long for an adult), but their impact to your home can be huge. Bed bugs infestations in homes are on the rise due to increase in global travel, as they are often found in lodging areas. Bed bugs and their eggs are carried in on travelers’ clothes and suitcases. Bed bugs are flat and often hide in the narrowest of gaps such as seams of mattresses, bed frames or behind furniture. They live by sucking your blood!  

Bed Bugs Hotspots in your home


Did You Know?

main_bed-bug.A single bed bug can convert into an infestation in just 10 weeks .An adult female bed bug lays an average of 5 eggs per day which is about 200 to 500 eggs in her lifetime .They usually come out at night, typically an hour before dawn .Bed bugs can consume about 4 times their own bodyweight in less than 15 minutes   While bed bug bites are not known to transmit any disease, they can be itchy and produce red swells all over the victim’s body. Victims tend to show paranoia and lose their good night’s sleep over the distress bed bugs can cause! It is imperative to get a bed bug infestation under control. A professional pest control service company can help home owners to prevent the problem from turning into an epidemic.   rentokil-logo Rentokil Pest Control Singapore With more than 50 years of local brand establishment and global prominence in over 50 countries, Rentokil is dedicated to taking care of the public's pest control needs. As the leading pest management specialist, Rentokil has the expertise to ensure adequate protection through delivering innovative and safe pest management solutions. For enquiries, drop us an email or visit
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