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Do you know that our fridge contains bacteria?

Not many of us will associate our refrigerator with nasty molds, germs and bacteria. In fact, it is a common misconception that bacterial cannot survive in low temperature. Therefore, storing food in the fridge is not the safest way to keep our food fresh. Truly, certain types of bacteria such as psychrophiles from improperly packaged food thrive on cold temperatures. Moreover, researchers from the Microban Europe have discovered that the fridge could hide up to millions of harmful bugs, which also include E.coli, salmonella and listeria! In other words, our fridge is capable of making us really sick!

Catherine Collins of the British Dietetic Association explained that the cause of this problem is due to either improper food storage or poor fridge hygiene. Also, the other root causes include leaving the fridge door open for too long and keeping the fridge at the wrong temperature.

To address such concerns, LG Electronics (LG)’s Door-in-Door™ refrigerator collection is specially designed to enable us to access our favorite treats conveniently, without having to open the main refrigerator compartment. Consequently, this means that the escape of cold air can be reduced by up to 41 percent! This keeps the fridge at the constant temperature, as curtailing the inflow of hot air will suppress germs growth.

LG’s Multi Door Refrigerator with Door-in-Door™ (Model: GF-D6011LB)

Furthermore, LG’s upgraded Hygiene Fresh+™ air purification system is made of 5 layers of filters and fan to sterilize the bacteria and viruses and remove the mold spores and odors. In actuality, this is achieved through the use of double Photocatalyst and UV LED that kills bacteria and eliminates odors of up to 99.999 percent (source from intertek-icon). The double carbon deodorizers reduce the presence of acidic and alkaline odors too. LG’s BioShield feature also helps to suppress the mold growth by having the gasket pre-treated with an anti-microbial agent, preventing mold growth.


Moreover, LG’s top freezer Fresh 0 Zone ensures that food is kept extremely crisp and fresh. The Fresh 0 Zone works by minimizing temperature fluctuations since the temperature is kept colder than the other compartments. In fact, the Multi Air Flow feature ensures that the cool air is kept uniform throughout. Hence, this meant that the food is kept fresh for as long as possible.


To enable us to store and organize our food properly, LG has come up with a comprehensive Smart Storage System to improve our food organization. LG has also incorporated a nook at the bottom of the main compartment to store small food items such as eggs, ham and cheese. In addition, the Smart Storage System incorporates a Folding Shelf, which can make way for larger and taller items such as bottles when necessary. LG’s ingenious organization system also includes the Multi Drawer Freezer and Sliding Shelf in the freezer section, which extends the fridge storage. In this way, we can keep the raw and cooked food separate at all times and stop the bacteria from flourishing. Furthermore, LG’s Moist Balance Crisper feature helps to lock in the food moisture at an optimum level. In fact, the special lattice-type box cover helps to retain the moisture when the vapor from the food is condensed on the lattice.

Aside from being more durable than conventional compressors, the Inverter Linear Compressor promotes freshness by maintaining optimized degree and keeping temperature changes to a minimum. On top of that, it is able to achieve noise reduction and energy efficiency which cuts down on your electrical bills (by up to 50% more energy efficiency).

Lastly, LG currently carries 6 models of Door-in-Door refrigerator and the model description is as follows:



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