5 DIY Storage Planning Ideas to Enhance Your Kitchen

  • Apr 9, 2021

Some kitchens in Singapore may be small. In order not to under-utilise the interior design and sense of space, you will want to learn how to make the most of your kitchen storage. Instead of getting tailored solutions which can sometimes be over your budget, consider DIY options instead. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

1. DIY plastic bags container

Placing plastic bags all around the home can greatly affect the impression. You might DIY a plastic bag extractor and get into the habit of putting the plastic bag in immediately after returning home to make your home tidier. In addition to the rectangular tissue box in the picture above, the cylindrical wet wipes container is also very suitable for making an extractor. Simply nail it on the inside of the kitchen cabinet, which will not affect the overall feeling of the kitchen.

2. DIY garbage bag rack

Many people will place trash bags upright in the cabinet. You might try to make a horizontal garbage bag rack. You can buy two hooks and two small wooden strips at the hardware store. Putting it in the sink cabinet will not affect the overall feeling of the kitchen.

3. Make drawers in cabinets with storage boxes

Do you find it difficult to store kitchen supplies in a deep and wide kitchen cabinet? In fact, it can be changed into a drawer-type by sorting and storing in a storage box, and you can easily find the items you need by sticking a label on the box. Image: IKEA Image: IKEA Image: IKEA

4. Make good use of the space behind the cabinet door

There are too many clutters in daily life, such as wires, dust rollers, etc. Don’t just stuff them in the drawer randomly. Use the space in the cabinet door to hang them one by one.

5. Hang the tools on the wall

If you have a range of tools on the desk, try to empty the desk! Visit IKEA to buy a pegboard to install on the wall with hooks or hangers to place the tools, which can add a bit of simple and light industrial flavour to the room. Image: Linear Space Concept Image: Design 4 Space When purchasing kitchen storage organisers, here are some tips:

Try to choose rectangular storage boxes

Circle or other irregularly shaped containers will waste space because they cannot be perfectly attached to the wall. Try to choose rectangular storage boxes that make the most of the space. Image: Lazada

Choose containers that can be stacked up

Try using storage boxes from the same brand or series that can be stacked up, which is very space-saving. Always choose the same storage box to avoid re-selecting the style and brand every time there is a new thing to store. Using the same storage box can also enhance the overall ambience of the households. Image: Hegen

Don’t buy storage boxes as a whole set

There is usually only one storage box set on the market in each size. In fact, it is rare that we will only use one storage box for each size or even use each size. Therefore, first, understand what you need to store, and then choose a storage box to avoid buying things that are not suitable for cheap. Image: Metier Planner

Don’t buy storage boxes materials with bad quality

If your storage box is not stored in the cabinet, it is recommended to use plastic or other durable materials. The storage boxes made of cheap materials with bad quality can be easily damaged by changes in temperature and humidity, which will affect the look and storage ability. Materials such as non-woven fabric will experience embrittlement under long-term exposure to sunlight. Image: Stylem Otivation Image: IKEA Decoman, now going global as Deco-Man, is a Hong Kong-based renovation platform which provides professional consultancy services and pioneers in the development of A.I. homeowner-engineer matching. We aim at educating the public about the art of home renovation and have our eyes on transforming the traditional renovation industry, bringing standardisation, transparency, convenience and automation to the business.  
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