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DIY or Professional Closet Space Renovation

If you are looking into closet space renovation, you probably have heard of a modular closet system. A modular closet system is a great way to keep the contents of your closet organized while maximizing your closet space. Here is how it works: you renovate your closet to be able to store all your clothing (including old ones) and your accessories. Ensure that the closet is durable enough to handle heavy layers of clothing. Then arrange your clothing into categories. You can arrange according to frequency of use, size or even type.


You can find a wide variety of modular closet organizer systems in various materials and finishes. They also range from cheap to impossibly expensive. A standard closet could cost you $200, depending on the material. Solid shelving will definitely cost you more. You can also incorporate safes if you wish.

So should you do DIY renovation for your closet or should you seek professional installation. That would depend on your renovation project or your budget.

DIY renovations are actually easier if your expectations are low. There are many DIY stores that give you a wide range of options, accessories and supplies. DIY renovations would take a lot of patience. That means you have to learn how to use the hammer, nails, electric driller and purchase all your wood and other materials.

If you do not have the time or the patience, but do have the money to spare, it would be better to go ahead with a professional renovation company that specializes on closets and storage. They can produce a more polished and cleaner result, finish your closet renovation a lot faster than when you do it yourself and even give you suggestions.

The prices for these professional renovation companies will vary of course. It would also depend on your closet space, the materials to be used and your other requirements.

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