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8 Discreet Ways To Boost Your Storage Needs Around Your Abode

Increase your abode’s storage footprint by utilizing every possible nook and cranny. Not sure how to do it? Fret not! With some creative juice and basic tools, here is how you can discreetly boost your storage area!

#1. Make the most out of your storage cabinets with the stainless bookcase strips

Image from Hafele UK

Having a customized storage cabinet is not enough, especially when it uses inbuilt shelves. Therefore, you can increase the flexibility of your storage cabinets with stainless steel bookcase rails, sometimes known as stainless steel pilaster, so that you can adjust the height of your shelves easily with the stainless steel studs, to cater to your changing storage needs over time.

#2. Enhance your storage with extendable shelves

Image from Qoo10

If installing stainless steel bookcase strips is not an option for you, no worries! You can still use extendable shelves to vary the height of the shelves to cater to your varying storage needs!

#3. Add another layer of vertical storage with tension rods

Image fromMartha Stewart

Tension rods are extremely useful since they are exceedingly versatile. Aside from the obvious, which is using tension rods for temporary window treatments and privacy screens, they can also convert otherwise unused spaces into discreet vertical storage for hanging your stuffs.

#4. Transform the back of the cabinet door into a handy hanging zone

Image from Manditremayne

Turn the back of the cabinet door into a handy hanging zone with stick-on hooks, a pegboard or even a magnetic board. With these in place, you can make use of other storage gizmos to keep your belongings in an organised fashion.

#5. Add hidden drawers under your table, cabinet or shelf

Image from Groupon

Even if your table does not come with drawers, you can easily DIY by using self-adhesive drawers beneath the tabletop. Since these hidden drawers do not take up any desktop space, they are very effective in freeing up more table space.  These self-adhesive drawers can also be used in any unused space under the cabinet or shelf to create more storage space.

#6. Setup a hidden pantry store which runs the length of the kitchen countertop

Image from Sweety Shop

Image from Pinterest

De-clutter your kitchen counter-top with a slim pantry cabinet, installed just behind the kitchen sink, along the countertop. Once the ugly clutter is kept to the minimum and out of sight, precious space is free up so that you can cook more efficiently and quickly.

# 7. Convert the space beneath the staircase into a mini chill-out space

Image from Fancy Decors

Having a shoe rack or storage cabinets at the dead space underneath the staircase is so passe. Up the ante in the storage wars by surprising your guests with perfectly chilled drinks upon arrival, when you pull out their beverages from the wine chiller and mini fringe!

#8. Mod your mirror with a stealth compartment

Image from Decorunits

If you have a full-length mirror to check out your outfit and makeup before you leave your home, why don’t you make it multi-functional? You can achieve this by building a secretive storage, so that you can keep your favorite jewellery and perfume within easy reach. If this hidden store is done up correctly,  it can also provide you a safe haven to conceal your valuables securely too.

With these ideas, stowing away unsightly clutter or keeping valuables out sight makes cleaning much easier and prized possessions safe. Hence, if you love any of these ideas, it is time to work with your renovation professionals and incorporate them seamlessly into your dream home!


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