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10 Design Tips For Beautiful Kids’ Bedrooms That Aren’t Splashed with Hello Kitty or Spiderman

As any style-savvy homeowner will know, your child’s bedroom is a nightmare to design. Most will end up sticking out like sore thumbs in your stylish, “grown-up” apartment because let’s face it, their dream room isn’t exactly yours (a room covered in My Little Pony decals? We think not). And being the wonderful parents you are, you would want their space to reflect their wants and desires too.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. As these children’s bedrooms in Singapore show, it is possible to have a space that can both fit in with the rest of your home and be one that your tykes will love too. These 10 tips show you how.


#1: Create a sense of adventure

Children’s bedrooms are one of the many spaces at home that you can be extra bold with. Inspire your child’s imagination and appeal to his or her sense of adventure by having their sleeping quarters built just like a fort. Curtains add a sense of mystery for make-believe explorations, while the lower portion of the design functions as a practical study.


Design: Charlton Design


#2: Keep things timeless

Neutrals like white and wood are your go-to choices if you’re looking to create a timeless appeal for your child’s bedroom. Accompany the neutral palette with classic furniture that even you would want to have, even if they prefer that Disney Princess bed (yes, tough love). You can always deck out the rest of the space with their favourite accessories and toys, so that it still looks like a kid’s bedroom.

Design: Space Factor


#3: Don’t be afraid to use colour

While safe neutrals are all well and good, you shouldn’t be afraid to use colour in your child’s bedroom if you so wish. After all, colours are known to incite your little one’s imagination. Keep the hues to accents and borders so as to prevent the space from looking like a scene from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

Design: Rezt & Relax Interior


#4: Build upwards

For when you have more kids than bedrooms, bunk beds are particularly useful. We like this custom-built one that reaches all the way to the ceiling as it lends a neater appearance compared to if the top was left open.

Design: The Orange Cube


#5: Stagger the beds

If you have a low ceiling (or particularly tall children), you might want to stagger their beds instead of opting for bunk ones. Don’t neglect storage – so necessary in a child’s bedroom – and incorporate them underneath the beds.

Design: D5 Studio Image


#6: Cartoons are OK

Splashing your child’s bedrooms in his or her favourite cartoon isn’t the best idea if you’re thinking of keeping things chic. But it can work in small doses like in this bedroom. Be sure to keep the majority of your furnishings in a classic colour scheme.

Design: AD. I. WRKS


#7: Select standalone furniture

If you want a bedroom that grows with your child, we recommend going for standalone furniture rather than built-ins. Standalone furniture can be swapped out for more grown-up ones when they turn from terrible twos to turbulent teens.

Design: Free Space Intent


#8: Make it conducive for more than just sleeping

Your child’s bedroom isn’t usually just a space for snoozing. It’s also an area for play or study. And it’s important to create a conducive area for them to do other things besides sleeping. In this bedroom, the bed adjoins a study table and is incorporated with bookshelves underneath for a room that is multifunctional while maximising space.

Design: Rezt & Relax Interior


#9: Put up wallpaper

Wallpaper is an easy way to add instant magic and fun to your kid’s bedroom. Go with whimsical prints and patterns to spur the little one’s imagination.

Design: The Scientist 


#10: Make use of a pastel palette

Pastels look great in adolescent’s bedrooms. And they are a great way to use colours without going overboard as they produce a soothing effect. Mix up different shades of pastels to add depth, then decorate the rest of the space with your child’s favourite playthings.

Design: Space Atelier


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