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8 Design Ideas for a Non-Basic Living Room

When you think of how a living room should look like, you think of the standard arrangement of a sofa facing the TV, with possibly a coffee table in the middle and a couple of armchairs at the side, right? Not in these homes. Throwing basic-ness out of the window, they embraced non-standard designs set to make their home stand out from the rest.

1. Home theatre

Nothing like enjoying the big screen from the comfort of your home. And there’s no better room than the living room to turn it into your personal theatre. Invest in comfy beanbags made for lazy lounging, a good projector and state-of-the-art speakers and you’re good to go. Take it up a notch with a home bar by the side, where you can whip up your favourite munchies and cocktails to accompany the latest blockbuster.

Design: D5 Studio Image
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2. Flexible space

A 3.6-metre table straddles between the study and living room, where flexibility is the order of the day. The multifunctional piece functions not only as a work desk and a dinner table but is also extended fully into the living space whenever the homeowners invite a large group of people over.

Design: Arkhilite
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3. Epic lepak corner

Make your home the perfect space for lounging by embedding a bed right in your living room. The cushioned zone here is recessed within a step-up platform to create a cocoon-like effect, while power points were added to the sides so there’s no reason to get out of bed if you don’t want to.

Design: Renologist
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4. Platform storage

In order to create more storage in this small flat, a tall storage platform was built to take up most of the living room space. Hidden LED lights were embedded underneath the platform so it looks just like it’s floating. In view of the shorter ceiling height, foldable floor loungers were used instead of a sofa.

Design: Crescendo Interior & Lifestyle
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5. The library

Bibliophiles can convert their entire living room into a library, complete with shelves and shelves of books. The minimalist design here is a feast for the eyes, with the curves of the lounge chair and hide rug juxtaposing against the straight edges of the books and shelves, while the shimmer of the epoxy painted floor lends a touch of class to the space.

Design: Three-d Conceptwerke
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6. Pole dancing studio

Set on a raised platform, this versatile living room is mainly used as a pole dancing studio with mirror panels by the side and an elegant gold-plated pole installed in the middle of the space. By pulling down a mirror panel, a dining table can be set-up, effectively turning the studio into an eating area.

Design: Archilibrium Studio
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7. Lofty heights

Built-in storage surrounds this living room, enveloping the space into its own little sanctuary. Part of the built-in by the window features a pop-up table so that one can take in the view while enjoying a cuppa. A loft platform was built to carve out more floor estate and to create a cosy and private dwelling spot.

Design: DistinctIdentity
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8. Camping grounds

The living room in this home was created to look like the great outdoors with decals depicting mountains and a camper van adorning the walls. A tepee tent was set up atop a storage platform, flanked by beanbags and cushions for an extra dose of cosiness. Outside the platform, a wall-mounted drop-leaf table provides a casual, space-friendly dining spot.

Design: Wolf Woof
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