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How to design your dream closet in 5 simple steps

Designing an aesthetic pleasing yet functional closet can be quite daunting, especially for a new inexperienced home owners. Nevertheless, with some good design tips, you can create a functional space for your closet too. Here is a simple 5 step process to help you in achieving the closet of your dreams.

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Planning Stage

Step 1. Stock-take your clothes
Start by thinking about what you have in your closet. The amount and types of clothing will be useful for this space planning exercise. Therefore, make a list and sort your items into three general heaps: “To keep”, “To donate” and “To throw”. From the “To keep” heap, sub-categorize the clothes accordingly into the “Hang” and “Fold” pile. In addition, store the infrequently used items (such as seasonal clothes) in sealed, plastic bins.

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Tips for which items to hang or fold
Trousers and dress pants

Dresses, skirts, jackets, overcoats and blazers
Silk, satin, and velvet blouses

Jeans and T-shirts
Denim skirts or thick-knit skirts
Sweaters (wool and cashmere will be stretched when hung)
Embellished evening gowns (folding an evening gown keeps its shape)

Step 2. Determine your closet configuration

Make a mockup of the closet by arranging the “Hang” and “Fold” heaps on the floor the way you would want them stored in your closet. In addition, measure the space required by all these items.

Tips for typical clothing dimensions
Image from lowes

Step 3. Indicate the storage requirements of the closet plan

Draw up a simple plan by indicating the closet basic dimensions: which is the height, width and depth needed, followed by the number of shelves and hanging rods needed. Shelves are used for the folded items and hanging rods are used for items which are hung. You can use the following link to create a sample of your closet plan.

 Image from studiodulu

Short hanging items require rods around 30- to 40-inches from the floor
A typical closet can accommodate up to include two levels of hanging rods
Frequently used items should be visible so that it is easily accessible
Maximize the vertical space by using bins on shelves, roll-out boxes that sit on the floor or even a pull-down closet rod if the ceiling is over 9-feet.

Step 4. Determine the closet setup

Determine how the closet doors should be opened and the lighting plan for the closet. In general, overhead good fluorescent lighting is a practical solution for most closet designs.

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Tips for choosing hinged or sliding doors

Pros: Improved visibility since, unlike sliding doors, hinged doors do not conceal any part of the wardrobe when opened. In additional, hinged doors provide more hanging space since accessories like scarves or belts can be hung on the back of these doors
Cons: Hinged doors take up more space since they swing outwards.

Pros: Takes up lesser space since the doors slide to the left or right
Cons: Sliding doors cannot be opened fully and will block the view of one part of the wardrobe

Execution Stage

Step 5. Choose a reliable renovation professional
A renovation professional with an extensive amount of expertise will be able to assist greatly during the entire process, from the planning to the execution stage to create the closet of your dreams. Hence, discuss with the renovation professional with the requirements which you have gathered at the planning stage.

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