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Decorating Ideas To Make Your Guest Feel At Home

In space-hungry countries such as Singapore, a guest room is considered a luxury. But if you frequently have people staying over and have the extra room to spare, then make your guests’ stay as comfortable as possible with these tips.



Let There Be Light

Unless your guests stay the night so often that they know the layout of your home like the back of their hand, it’s often advisable to have bedside lights to help them find their way in the dark. Get some cheap ones from mega furniture stores like IKEA to give your guest room a nice soothing glow. Another option is to install wall lamps beside the bed that your guests can operate without having to get up. This is especially helpful for old folks who may have difficulty seeing in the dark.


Cover the Windows

Not everyone wakes up as early as you do, so give your guests a chance to sleep in by installing heavy/blackout curtains or dark-coloured blinds at the window. This will not only keep the guest room coolly dark, it will also protect the room from harsh sunlight if your guest wants to take an afternoon nap.


Supply the Power & WiFi

Your guests will inevitably be looking for a power socket to juice up their mobile phones and other gadgets so make it easy for them by providing an extension cord in an accessible corner or install more power sockets at strategic spots during your renovation. On top of that, you may also want to give your guests access to your home WiFi so they can browse the internet freely—particularly when their mobile network signal seems to be weak on your home turf.


Colour Me Blue

The priority here is to create a restful ambience for your guests, so avoid painting the room in stimulating colours such as red and yellow. In fact according to a study done by Travelodge in Britain, painting the bedroom blue is the secret to a good night’s sleep. Other colours you can consider are purple, because it is believed to induce physical and mental healing, and green for its cooling quality.


Make the Bed

In tropical Singapore, the weather is often more hot than not. To help your guests sleep better without having to over-blast the fan or air-conditioner, cover the bed with linen made from light-weight cotton (e.g. Egyptian sheets). Such bedsheets are often breathable and promote ventilation so they will help your guests fall asleep faster and more comfortably.

If the weather is really hot and unbearable, then you might want to put the bedsheets in a Ziploc® bag and stick it into the freezer compartment of your refrigerator for a few minutes before bedtime. The resulting coolness won’t last the entire night, but it will give your guests a cooling start to dreamland. For cooler weather, a throw or blacket will warm things up nicely.


Don’t Overclutter

Since the guest room is a bedroom of sorts for your guests, make sure that it’s not too cluttered with decorations. The last thing your guests need is a vase toppling onto their heads from a crowded shelf overhead or tripping over too many rugs on the floor. If you use the guest room as a store room when it doesn’t see any incoming traffic, then be sure to clear all the items out and store them elsewhere before your guests arrive.


Keep Food Near At Hand

Worried that your guests may wake up hungry? Then keep a plate of fruits such as apples or food that won’t spoil easily overnight near at hand on a small side table, so your guests don’t have to go rummaging through your refrigerator in the wee hours of the night.


Decorating a guest room doesn’t have to be a herculean task but do remember to keep things simple! After all, “Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication” according to Leonardo da Vinci.

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