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Decor Tips To Get You More Productive In Your Career

Believe it or not, your office decor has a huge impact on your productivity. And your productivity is directly related to livelihood and is the driving force behind your career. There’s no way you should or can hold this back.

If making a few changes here or there can help you achieve new heights in your career – then why not give it a shot. So try the following tips today, we have curated them especially for people looking to make their career glorious. Here are a few decor tips to turn your office into full productivity zone, helping your stay sharp and ahead in the career race.


The go Green And Get Life Initiative

We are talking about planting greenery and surrounding you with the luscious colour green. A study by Journal of Environmental Psychology in 2011 found that a plant on your desk can avert fatigue. If there is no space for potted plants, think of terrariums.

A terrarium can make your office look lively and vivacious. The choice of terrarium plantation can be in any form – bowls, jars or ceramic. A terrarium can add a spark to almost all places. A study published in the Sage Journals in 2013 found that a plant on your desk has a deep restorative effect on a person, thus improving not only health, but also productivity.


Colour Coding your Working Space

A colour can affect your productivity in a big way. Decorating an office should indeed start with altering the colour of the room or if that’s not possible, placing a wallpaper. Psychologically too, colour has a deep impact on one’s mood and henceforth productivity. For instance, the yellow colour is good for the creative minds while the blue has a soothing effect on the stressful mind. Choose wisely as colours can have a great effect on your surroundings. You can add a splash of colour to your working desk or space through postcards, journal cut-outs or figurines. Just be aware of one thing through – excessive use of colours can also have an opposite effect.


Lighting up the Space for Positivity

Poor lighting can lead to eyestrain, fatigue, headache and irritability, even depression. Who can be productive under such circumstances? Light can have a positive as well as negative effect on your body and in the long run productivity.

Natural light is the best, so if your office has the access, make use of it. Do not block it with heavy curtains. Gone are the days of fluorescent lighting, replace them with LED lights. They look dainty and mimic natural light. You can use different levels of lighting – floor lamps, desk lamps and overhead lighting.


Furniture and setting the space around

Yes, the furniture that you use in the office is extremely important. Don’t wait for your back to start aching or the chairs to wear out completely. Buy an ergonomic chair next. A lot of people are picking standing desks which can be raised up and down to avert strain on the back and alleviate pain if any. When your body’s posture is fine, you can work without getting distracted by pain and concentrate on your work.


Declutter your Working Space to Cleanliness

Creative minds may feel that clutter helps them think. But to get productive, you’ll need to do away with the mess. While it is impossible for you to clean the office at large, you can surely take the responsibility for your surroundings and environment around.

Just spare your 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening to clean your desk and space around your working area. This will ensure that unnecessary clutter doesn’t get piled up, hindering much needed productivity.


Flooring the Office with Lively Creative Designs

Noise levels in the office can impact your concentration levels and work. Your choice of flooring can help you overcome this problem. A few flooring types include – carpet, cork and vinyl.

The last one is available in a lot of designs, colours, shades and creative backgrounds. The best vinyl flooring Singapore does not only give you a natural look but also respite from the office noise. So decorate your office with the right type of flooring.

Do you feel there are more factors affecting your productivity and need to be eliminated? If yes, then tell us about them in the comments or through our social media handles.


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