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Deciding on Your Home Renovation Aesthetics


How do you decide what style your residential renovation should end up like? Here we give you some guidelines that will help you conjure an image of your ideal home with the help of your hired renovation company of course.

  • Do your research by scouring magazines, renovation and interior design books, browsing through the Internet and other reference materials as these will help you piece together the look and feel you want your home to have. Renovations are serious business so make sure you do your research. Then, collate all the materials that look like what you would want for your new home and show it to your renovation contractor.
  • Stick to the classic renovation designs and materials. While it is ideal to watch out for the latest trends, it can look silly when trends become outdated. So with materials, stick to materials that will really last generations. Not something posh but not durable. So, stick to the basics such as a neutral colour scheme, timeless furniture styles, sturdy materials and others.
  • You must feel comfortable and sure about your choice. This will include your choice of renovation contractors, interior designers, materials and design. Envision yourself living in the renovation blueprint you have chosen. Do you think you would be comfortable with your surroundings for at the next 10 years? Remember, renovating a residence is a big project
  • You must always choose quality over quantity. Though it can be more expensive, always opt for good quality materials, workmanship and furnishings that you know will stand the test of time. You don’t want to see your renovated home falling apart just two years after renovation because of bad quality and bad choice of renovators. This applies especially to furniture and everything else you choose for your home.

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