Dec 2023 BTO: Unit Analysis for Sin Ming Residences at Bishan

  • Dec 8, 2023

Sin Ming Residences, launched during the Dec 2023 BTO sales exercise, stands out with its remarkably short waiting time compared to the other BTOs available. Plus, it’s been quite a while since we last saw a BTO launched in the Bishan neighbourhood (the last ones were back in 2020, launched to much excitement).

And without the restrictions associated with prime location (PLH) BTOs and walking distance to Upper Thomson MRT, we are expecting this project to attract quite a bit of attention. See our insights and find out the best units to pick if you’re considering a home here.


Sin Ming Residences


Along Sin Ming Road

PLH model?


Total no. of units


Unit types

3- and 4-room

No. of blocks


How tall?

22 to 28 storeys

Estimated completion date

2Q 2027


3-room: $374K - $473K
4-room: $519K - $665K


What’s around the area?


The neighbourhood is located within Sin Ming, some ways from the Upper Thomson Road area. There is a mix of residential and industrial buildings in the vicinity. You'll find a combination of high-rise HDBs and a large cluster of landed homes among the residential areas. As for the industrial site, it's primarily focused on businesses in the automotive industry, although there are other industries as well.

In terms of the overall feel, we felt that the area feels busy with not a lot of greenery (the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park is about a 25-min walk away though). Foot traffic in the area is moderate, but the vehicles along Sin Ming Road, which borders Sin Ming Residences, can get quite heavy, especially with a number of large vehicles that we noticed: 

It was surprising to see that construction had already begun on the ground, considering the BTO had just launched: 

The walk to the Upper Thomson MRT took round 8 mins, and was relatively convenient, although take note that it’s slightly elevated and it’s not sheltered all the way. Currently, there’s only one bus that runs at the closest bus stops on Sin Ming Road. This bus goes to Ang Mo Kio in one direction and all the way to Shenton Way if you go the other way.

If you're in need of a quick dinner, you have a few options. You can either head over to the coffee shop on block 22 or explore the ones along Sin Ming Road, which we observed are quite popular among the folks working at the nearby industrial sites: 

Alternatively, head over to Upper Thomson Road that is just a short stroll away. Within its string of shophouses and gentrified charm, you’ll find an extensive range of dining options, whether you’re craving a sit-down meal at a restaurant or looking for affordable eats, desserts, or just want to lounge around in a cafe:  

For local fare, hop over to Shunfu Mart hawker centre, just a 7-min walk away. Shunfu Mart also has its own wet market. But if you prefer getting your groceries from the supermarket, the nearest one is along Upper Thomson Road, where you’ll find a Sheng Siong. That will take you around a 7-min walk from the BTO. Alternatively, the mini marts across the road at block 22 may be enough if you just need to grab a few quick items.

You can also walk to the nearest mall in the area. It's only about a 15-minute walk away. Thomson Plaza may not be as fancy as Junction 8 in Bishan, but it still has a great selection of big-brand shops and eateries like Daiso, Han’s, and Guardian. Plus, there's a Fairprice Finest supermarket right inside the mall.

If you're thinking about raising family in this area, good news: There are a couple of popular primary schools that are within a 1-km radius from Sin Ming Residences. Keep in mind that this is just our estimation and you’ll only get greater clarity once the postal codes are confirmed. But it's definitely something to keep in mind when considering this location. From our estimates, Ai Tong School and Catholic High School (primary section) are both within the 1-km radius.


Unit analysis for Sin Ming Residences - Which unit should you choose?


The site feels relatively packed with the main facilities congregated in the centre and the stacks flanking the sides. Stacks comprising rental units will sit alongside the conventional units. There is one block (28B) that consists entirely of rental units.


If you're considering a 3-room flat, there are four stacks available to choose from. Our top choice: stack 300. One of the reasons is that it offers unblocked views, as it overlooks the neighbouring landed home enclave which are only around 3 to 4 storeys tall.

Additionally, stack 300 provides great privacy because there are no nearby high-rise buildings that can look into your unit. And if you choose one of the lower floors (12th storey and below), there is a high-rise block, block 25 HDB, adjacent to it that can help to block the afternoon sun.

Stack 348 is not ideal if you prefer a quieter environment. This particular stack is surrounded by the pavilion, playgrounds, and fitness corners, so there will likely be more noise in the units located here. On the bright side though, it is the nearest to the Upper Thomson MRT and existing bus stops along Sin Ming Road.


More choices out there for those who are picking a 4-room unit.

If you value privacy, we would recommend picking the corner units that are away from lift lobbies and rubbish chutes. These include stacks 302, 328, 350 and 376. Of these, we would prefer 302 as it offers better views overlooking the landed home enclave.

When it comes to the views, you'll notice that the blocks in Sin Ming Residences are actually quite tall compared to the surrounding structures and buildings. So if you want to ensure you have a clear view, your best option would be to choose an “outside-facing” unit and is on a higher floor:

302, 312, 314: Pick units above the 4th/5th storey
328, 352, 354, 356, 358: Pick units above the 12th storey
360, 362, 376: Pick units above the 8th storey

If you're looking for units that get some relief from the afternoon sun, consider the lower-floor units on the 12th floor and below in stacks 302, 312, and 314. These units tend to stay a bit cooler. Stacks 320, 322, 324, and 326 may also receive some shade from adjacent blocks, making them another option worth considering to escape the heat of the afternoon sun.

It's not advisable to choose the "inside-looking" stacks as they directly face the on-site facilities and communal areas like the playground, fitness corners, and pavilions, which tend to get quite noisy.

Also, keep in mind that stacks 310 and 312 are very close to the 7-storey carpark. Apart from the noise of vehicles revving, you may have to deal with a privacy concern (for units 7th floor and below) as people can potentially see into your units.

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