Dec 2023 BTO: Unit Analysis for Urban Rise and Woodlands Beacon

  • Dec 21, 2023

In this unit analysis, we'll be taking a look at the two Woodlands BTOs that were launched in December 2023. These projects are situated near Woodlands MRT interchange, which is set on two MRT lines, making them an ideal choice for those looking to stay near convenience. We'll also be seeing what amenities are surrounding these projects to help you identify the best units to consider.


Urban Rise @ Woodlands

Woodlands Beacon


Next to Woodlands MRT

Bounded by Woodlands Avenue 3, Woodlands Avenue 5, and Woodlands Street 13

PLH model?



Total no. of units



Unit types

2-room Flexi, 3-, 4- and 5-room units

3- and 4-room units

No. of blocks



How tall?

28 to 33 storeys

32 storeys

Estimated completion date

4Q 2028

3Q 2028


2-room Flexi Type 1: $145K - $186K
2-room Flexi Type 2: $174K - $231K
3-room: $251K - $345K
4-room: $337K - $468K
5-room: $468K - $612K

3-room: $268K - $340K
4-room: $318K - $446K

Urban Rise versus Woodlands Beacon + what’s around the area?

There aren’t a great deal of differences between Urban Rise and Woodlands Beacon in terms of conveniences, seeing as both these developments are located next to each other. Separated by a busy stretch of road, Urban Rise is located just slightly closer to Woodlands MRT. 

Woodlands Ave 5 separates both the BTOs

Urban Rise has double the number of units compared to Woodlands Beacon, which means it will take longer to complete construction. The estimated completion date is set for about a quarter later, so keep that in mind if you were hoping to get your keys earlier. Additionally, if you're specifically interested in 2-room units or 5-room units, you'll only find them available at Urban Rise. 

Site for Urban Rise 
Site for Urban Rise, location next
to bus interchange and MRT
Site for Woodlands Beacon

When it comes to the pricing, the units at Woodlands Beacon are a little bit higher compared to those at Urban Rise. This could be because of its location, which is slightly quieter, especially since it's not situated right next to the bus interchange.

Urban Rise BTO is just to the right of image.

When it comes to location, both BTOs are located right in the heart of Woodlands, which makes it a lively and vibrant place to live. Not only that, but they are also conveniently close to one of the exits of the Woodlands MRT station on the North-South Line. Accessing the Thomson-East Coast Line from the BTOs is also very convenient. Plus, there's a busy bus interchange right next to the Urban Rise BTO, offering a wide range of bus services.

The noise is really the only downside to living in this area. Besides a high volume of human traffic, you will also have to contend with the noise coming from the MRT tracks and the bus interchange, especially if your unit faces them (which is the case for some of the stacks). But considering the convenience it brings, we're not really sure if that's something worth complaining about. ;) 

How close the tracks are (right of image) to 
Woodlands Beacon BTO

Major shopping mall Causeway Point is the main draw here in terms of amenities, with Fairprice Finest supermarket as one of the anchor tenants. You also have the neighbouring Woodlands Civic Centre, which houses a regional library and a number of food outlets.

Causeway Point shopping mall is within 
walking distance to the two Woodlands BTOs

On the other side of Woodlands Beacon, there’s also the Woodlands Stadium, Sports Hall and Swimming Complex for sports enthusiasts. For cheap eats, you can also walk over to Marsiling Mall just next to the sports centre, which has a hawker centre.

The Woodlands Sports Complex is 
located right next to Woodlands Beacon

Just across from Urban Rise, there will also be a 2-storey building housing a supermarket and some shops within upcoming BTO UrbanVille

For those who enjoy going to JB on the weekends, you’ll be just one MRT stop away from Woodlands North MRT station. In the future, Woodlands North MRT station will be located right next to the RTS Link, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2026. The RTS Link will provide a direct connection to JB at Bukit Chagar, and the entire journey will only take 5 minutes. So, you'll be able to enjoy more affordable grocery runs in JB.

There are several primary schools that are conveniently located within a 1-km radius of the area. For the Woodlands Beacon BTO, we have Fuchun Primary School, Marsiling Primary School, Qihua Primary School, Si Ling Primary School, and Woodgrove Primary School. As for the Urban Rise BTO, we have Qihua Primary School, Si Ling Primary School, Woodgrove Primary School, and Woodlands Primary School. 

Which unit should you choose for Urban Rise and Woodlands Beacon?


Only the Urban Rise BTO development offers 2-room units. There are a few options to choose from. Stacks 316 and 318 are Type 1 units, meaning they are smaller in size. These two units face the pavilion and playground, so there will likely be a lot of noise in that area.

2-room stacks at Urban Rise @ Woodlands

If we are looking for a larger Type 2 unit, we would probably go for 320, as it overlooks North Woodlands Drive. Since this road is still being built, we are not sure how busy it will be, but at least the view is decent.

Regarding stacks 340 and 342, they have the preschool right in front of them along with the on-site facilities, so it's safe to say they will be quite noisy. Furthermore, stack 330 is positioned facing the playground and is situated close to the carpark. Plus, being west-facing, it will probably bear the brunt of the afternoon sun. Lastly, stack 334 isn't the most optimal choice either since it faces the playground and is near the lift lobby, compromising on privacy.


3-room stacks at Urban Rise @ Woodlands 

If you're considering a 3-room unit at Urban Rise, you only have three options to choose from. Out of these, both 328 and 348 are positioned near the MRT tracks and overlook the multi-storey carpark and bus interchange. However, it's important to note that living in these units means dealing with higher levels of noise and fumes. If you do decide on one of these stacks, we suggest selecting a higher floor to minimise these inconveniences. It's worth mentioning that Stack 328 does provide a slight advantage when it comes to privacy, as it is a corner unit.

Stack 310 may be the best choice overall for the 3-room units at Urban Rise. It overlooks North Woodlands Drive, an upcoming road that we think won’t be get too busy since it’s a relatively small one compared to the other surrounding roads.

If you're interested in getting a 3-room unit at Woodlands Beacon, you have three stacks to choose from. For those who prefer unobstructed views, stack 312 is the ideal choice as it faces the Woodlands stadium. However, it's important to keep in mind that this stack may experience higher noise levels due to the sports activities in the area as well as the full brunt of the afternoon sun no matter the time of the year.

3-room stacks at Woodlands Beacon

If you value peace and tranquility, stack 320 is a better option. Just make sure to select a higher floor because the first level will eventually house various facilities. And if you go for a unit that's on a floor higher than the 10th floor, you may also enjoy relatively unblocked views.

Stack 316 is a decent stack for privacy because it’s a corner unit, but again, only if you pick a higher floor since the lower floors have a view of the adjacent car park.


Both Urban Rise and Woodlands Beacon offer 4-room units.

At Urban Rise, we think stack 306 is a relatively decent stack. While it’s overlooking a road, it isn’t facing a potentially busy road junction, unlike some of the 4-room stacks.

4-room stacks at Urban Rise @ Woodlands 

Most of the corner stacks are located close to the rubbish chute or lift lobbies, so they aren’t really private. Stack 326, while not the most corner stack at the block, may be the best option for privacy. But the caveat is that it’s located near the MRT tracks so that can be noisy.

At Woodlands Beacon, if you’re opting for units with decent views, stack 310 that faces the Woodlands Stadium is really the best option. Stacks 300, 302, and 318 are also pretty decent if you pick a unit above the 10th floor. Similarly, units above the 5th floor at stacks 306, 308 and 314 are also likely to enjoy unblocked views. Take note that these stacks aren’t the absolute quietest however as they are either facing the car park, the road and stadium or an activity zone.

4-room stacks at Woodlands Beacon

For stacks with more privacy, go for stacks 304 or 322. For cooler stacks that are away from the afternoon sun, go for stacks 304, 306, 308, 322 and 324.


Only Urban Rise has 5-room units. Stack 350 is likely the only stack that will get relatively unblocked views, but only pick from units above the 7th floor (or as high as possible) to avoid the noise from the car park, bus interchange and MRT. 

5-room stacks at Urban Rise @ Woodlands 

If you're looking for extra privacy, you might want to consider choosing from the corner stacks 312 and 346. However, it’s worth noting that these stacks do have a view into another stack, so you may not have complete privacy in your main rooms like the living room or bedroom. That being said, the distance between the stacks is approximately 32.6 meters, so that's not too close either.

To avoid getting the brunt of the afternoon sun, opt for stacks 324 and 358.

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