Dec 2023 BTO: Unit Analysis for Jurong Arcadia at Jurong West

  • Dec 12, 2023

Applicant rates were relatively muted for Jurong Arcadia, the Jurong West BTO launched in Dec 2023. But that's not to say that it doesn't have anything to offer. We dropped by the site to see what's surrounding this BTO as well as do a quick analysis of the best units to pick, depending on which size flat you're going for. 


Jurong Arcadia


Bounded by Jurong West Street 42 and the Jurong River

PLH model?


Total no. of units


Unit types

2-room Flexi, 3-, 4- and 5-room

No. of blocks


How tall?


Estimated completion date

3Q 2027


2-room Flexi Type 1: $110K - $140K
2-room Flexi Type 2: $138K - $174K
3-room: $207K - $277K
4-room: $315K - $394K
5-room: $431K - $540K


What’s around the site?

The area where Jurong Arcadia sits is a residential one. The background noise of the expressway and the somewhat heavy traffic along Jurong West St 42 (during morning peak hours anyway) would mean this area isn't the quietest. There's also a Chinese temple right next to the site, so that's likely going to see more activities and footfall during certain religious festivals. 

We found Jurong Arcadia to be not too shabby in terms of convenience. There are two neighbourhood centres within the vicinity. The Jurong Central Plaza housing a 2-storey market, eating houses and community complex is a 10-min walk away (you can cut through the blocks to reach it), while Jurong West 505 Market and Food Centre will take you under 20 mins to reach by foot.

Within a shorter walking distance, there’s also a nearby coffee shop just across the road at block 429 and Tang Tea House, an eatery known for their halal Chinese food. Plus, Jurong Arcadia will have a supermarket and eating house on site so getting your daily groceries and meals is going to be relatively convenient.

The BTO is located near an upcoming Corporation MRT along the Jurong-Region Line. The time it takes to reach the MRT by foot is between 13 min to 23 mins based on our estimates, and will very much depend on the accessible walking routes in the future. You can probably also walk to Hong Kah MRT over at Tengah town, once the transit priority corridor (see the purple strip at Tengah BTO Plantation Creek's site map below) is built over the PIE.

Corporation MRT will be ready by 2027 under Phase 1, which is just in time for key collection at this BTO. Alternatively, there are also nearby buses that will take you to Lakeside MRT and the Jurong East bus interchange.

With the transit priority corridor, amenities at Tengah will probably be more accessible to residents at Jurong Arcadia. 

Jurong Primary School, Rulang Primary School and Shuqun Primary School are likely to be the primary schools within a 1-km radius from Jurong Arcadia. There will likely be more options over at Tengah since we saw a few plots reserved for education that are within a 1-km radius.

Unit analysis for Jurong Arcadia - which unit should I pick?


If you’ve decided to go for a 2-room, you get to pick between Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 units are smaller (38 sqm), compared to the Type 2 units (48 sqm).

The Type 1 units are located over at stacks 1219 and 1221, which are not the most ideal spots since they front the pavilion which can be noisy whenever there’s a community activity going on.

These two stacks are also facing the lift lobbies, which isn't so great for privacy. If we had to pick, 1219 would be a slightly better choice since it’s not located right next to the multi-storey carpark and it also doesn’t have another unit looking directly into the flat.

There are more choices if you are going for Type 2 units. 1215 is possibly the quieter unit since it’s quite some distance away from the pavilion. Same goes for 1241, but the downside to that stack is that it faces an existing bin centre, so we wouldn’t recommend it.

1215 is also ideal in terms of privacy, with it being a corner unit and the fact that it isn't located near the lift lobbies or rubbish chutes. 


The 3-room stacks are all scattered across the site, with each stack having their pros and cons. Here’s a quick look at each one:

1209: Corner unit, although not the most private since it faces the rubbish chutes. Also faces the drop-off area, so that may pose a bit of noise problem for those on the lower floors.

1223: Another corner unit, but it’s adjacent to the carpark, which may be a privacy concern for units on the 6th floor and below. Besides that, you will likely have to contend with the revving of vehicles on a daily basis. Another thing to note about this stack is that it’s also overlooking the playground which can get pretty noisy.

1243: Another corner unit. Not the best for lower floors especially since it fronts the drop-off point. But the biggest issue has to be the fact that it’s just next to an existing bin centre. Not really recommended.

1259: This is a corner unit. It overlooks an existing bin centre, as well as a Chinese temple that lies beyond it. Although these structures are located some distance away, there's a chance that you might still be somewhat impacted by them. The upside though is better unblocked views for those on a higher floor. Lower floor units may be able to get some shade from the afternoon sun from the carpark.

1273: One of the major downsides to this corner unit is that it faces the expressway. Coupled that with the likelihood of the stack facing the MRT tracks of the above-ground JRL and that it’s near a pavilion, it’s not a quiet stack. Also, not much privacy because it faces the rubbish chutes.


If you’re looking for quieter stacks that aren’t facing the street, the expressway or areas on-site where people tend to gather or congregate, we would recommend stacks 1225, 1227, 1229, 1265, 1267, 1269 and 1271. Of these, 1265 gets extra bonus for privacy since it’s a corner unit that’s away from the lift lobbies and rubbish chutes.

If you’re looking for views, the ones opening out to the expressway are likely going to fetch you relatively unblocked views. Plus, they will overlook Tengah Pond and its surrounding greens across the PIE. But keep in mind that you will definitely have to contend with higher noise levels.

Lower floor units (6th floor and lower) at stack 1245 may get some reprieve from the hot afternoon sun. Take note that this stack is facing the bin centre and the Chinese temple.


For views, we would advise going for higher floor units (above 6th floor) at stacks 1247 and 1249, or the ones facing the expressway (Stacks 1261, 1263 and 1285) if you don’t mind the noise.

In terms of privacy, 1249 would be the most suitable since it’s a corner unit that isn’t located near the lift lobby or the rubbish chutes. But do pick a unit on a floor above the 6th floor since the adjacent carpark will be able to look into the lower floors at the stack.

Stacks 1255, 1257, 1277 and 1279 overlook the drop-off point, so that may not be the best option for privacy and quiet, especially for units on the lower levels.

We also suggest avoiding units 1281 and 1283, as they are fronting the playground. Judging by the size of the playground on the map, it seems to be larger compared to the other one on the premises. As a result, it will likely be more frequently utilised which can result in higher noise levels. The playground’s also surrounded by 5-room stacks, which typically attract a larger number of families with children.

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