Dec 2023 BTO: Unit Analysis for Chai Chee Green at Bedok

  • Dec 14, 2023

BTO Chai Chee Green doesn’t have the best location (I mean, having the PIE for a neighbour?), but if east side is best side for you and you don’t mind the extra walk to the Bedok North MRT on the Downtown Line, then consider this project that was launched in Dec 2023. We check out what’s around the site and take a look at the best units to go for.


Chai Chee Green


Bounded by Bedok North Road and Chai Chee Lane

PLH model?


Total no. of units


Unit types

Community Care, 3-, 4- and 5-room

No. of blocks


How tall?


Estimated completion date

4Q 2027 for Blocks 815A, 815B, 816A, 816B
1Q 2028 for Blocks 813A, 814A, 814B


Community Care: $80K - $95K
3-room: $298K - $360K
4-room: $421K - $534K
5-room: $569K - $725K


What’s around the site

Chai Chee Green is a comparatively large project with over 1,000 units available. Partly flanked by Bedok North Road, a busy road that leads into the PIE, it's not the most ideal when it comes to location. Without even dropping by the site, you’d already know that it’s not the most conducive environment. There is also an industrial site to the west of the BTO, comprising light industries.

Site for Chai Chee Green

Bedok North Road leads right into the PIE.

Industrial site right next to the BTO

Also next to several HDB blocks.

There also isn’t much in the way of public transport convenience, I'm afraid. Chai Chee Green’s about a 15 to 20-min walk to Bedok North MRT on the Downtown Line. The walk is a traverse over an overhead bridge across the PIE and a navigation around HDB blocks i.e. not that convenient.

Bridge to cross over the PIE.

There are also no existing bus stops near the site, although that looks to change based on the HDB site maps. The new bus stops should go a long way in helping to ease the convenience in the area.

There is a bus stop along Chai Chee Street, which is convenient-ish. Bus 26 that stops there can take you to Kallang MRT, Bedok MRT, Toa Payoh MRT and Geylang Bahru stations while stopping at various neighbourhoods along the way.

Thankfully, there is an eating house and mini mart on site to help with your day-to-day essentials. Alternatively, there are some additional options for food and groceries along Chai Chee Street, near the roundabout.

There are some redeeming qualities to the BTO. For those in the know, the area is also known for ESR BizPark@Chai Chee, which is home to one of the bigger Decathlon stores and also houses a number of F&B options. It will still take you around 20 mins to reach by foot from Chai Chee Green BTO though.

Take the bridge over the expressway and you can also get to the neighbourhood centre at Bedok Reservoir, which has a Bedok Reservoir hawker centre, supermarkets, several coffee shops, a wet market and other retail and F&B outlets. Cutting across the HDB blocks, the walk there should take you around 15 mins.

Then there’s also Bedok Park right across the expressway. The park connector right after the overhead bridge, so it’s pretty convenient to get to that long stretch of green.

In terms of nearby primary schools, Damai Primary School and Telok Kurau Primary School are likely to be within a 1-km radius.


Which unit should I choose for Chai Chee Green?

We’ll be looking at the 3-, 4- and 5-room units in this section, although there are also community care apartments available. These are reserved for seniors aged 65 and above and are leased out on short term leases between 15 and 35 years.

Note: Before we deep dive into this, note that there are two parcels within this BTO. Parcel A comprises blocks 815A, 815B, 816A and 816B, and units at these blocks will be completed a quarter earlier than those at Parcel B (refer to table above). Parcel B blocks are 813A, 814A and 814B.


In terms of 3-room flats, 1030 and 1034 are the choice options for those looking to stay away from the afternoon sun. The main rooms for both these stacks also don’t look directly into a neighbouring block so you do get some privacy there. 1034’s also a corner unit so you get extra points for privacy! The downside though is that both of these stacks front the pre-school and the playground, so you can expect higher noise levels especially during pre-school hours.

Speaking of privacy, corner stack 920 is also pretty decent. But take note that it’s facing a neighbouring block. It also sits adjacent to a drop-off point, so those on the lower floors may get some noise disturbance.

We recommend avoiding 930 if you can since it overlooks the pavilion.


Chai Chee Green has quite a number of 4-room stacks to choose from.

Best stacks for privacy and quiet: 910 (units above 7th floor), 922 (units above 7th floor), 926, 1000, 1022 (units above 7th floor), 1024 (higher floor units)
Best stacks for a cooler unit with less afternoon sun: 916, 918, 944, 946, 986, 1002, 1004, 1032
Best stacks for unblocked views: 900, 902, 934, 956, 958, 976, 978, 1000, 1022 (units above 7th floor), 1024 (units above 7th floor)


There are a couple of corner 5-room stacks to choose from if you’re looking for some privacy. The ones available are: 904, 912, 936, 948, 960, and 998. All of these have some disadvantage though, whether they are near rubbish chutes or facing an area where people tend to gather e.g. pavilion or playground. Despite its close proximity to Bedok North Road, the entrance into the PIE, 936 may be the most ideal out of these since it doesn’t look into the arterial road directly.

If you are looking for 5-room units that will get some shade from the afternoon sun, you may find them in stacks 936, 938, 952, 954, 996, and 998.

For relatively unblocked views, look to stacks such as 904, 912 (units above 7th floor), 914 (units above 7th floor), 954, 960, 1020 (units above 7th floor).

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