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Creative Alternatives to White Boring Ceilings

How many of you associate “white and boring” whenever you hear the word “ceiling”?
How many of you actually spent time exploring ways to jazz up your ceiling whilst sketching out the scope of your renovation with your renovation professionals?
Well, it is hardly surprising that most homeowners only spent time on doing up the four walls and neglected this fifth wall since many aren’t aware that many interesting yet appealing design details can be assimilated into the ceiling. From rustic to modern, Scandinavian charmer to ultra chic modern, here are some creative ideas to get you started!
For ceiling height that ranges from 2.6 to 3 meters 
Image from zilredloh
One of the easiest way to inject some color is to match the ceiling color with the existing furnishings and appliances.
Image from ceiling-designs
For homeowners with deeper pocket, a rainbow colored false ceiling is definitely a great conversational piece!
Image from mwhdi
If colorful false ceiling is too flamboyant, this unique false ceiling design will add visual interest to the room.
Image from mwhdi
These are actually wall decals which can be customized with the wall decals company. It is easy to install and a breeze to remove too!
Image from Homedit
Not a fan of wall decals? Well, wallpaper does the trick too! The advantages of using wallpapers are that they are available in a wide spectrum of colors, textures, designs and materials.
Image from ceiling designs
Aside from wall decals, wallpapers, colorful printed fabrics or canvas add texture and breathe more life to this children’s room.
Image from Homedit
Surprisingly, additional wood detailing at the ceiling actually expands the visual space, making the ceiling looks higher than it really is.
These exposed chunky wood beams, when contrasted against the off-white ceiling, actually enforces the kitchen’s homely charm.
For 3 meter ceiling height and beyond!
I am envious of homeowners who have the luxury of staying in lofts since the bigger vertical space means more room for creativity and innovation!
Image from viktorialove
Again, exposed chunky woodly beams are added to inject an industrial yet rustic vibe to this living room.
Image from Homedit
The Meltino Bar & Lounge, located in Portugal, features a striking ceiling characterized by geometric shapes. The walls and ceiling are perforated and creates a surreal ambiance for the customers.
Image from Homedit
This Starbucks is located in Amsterdam and its ceiling is made from 1,876 cut blocks. It is by far the most unique Starbucks concept store I have came across. The blocks are made of sustainable materials and complement the rustic charm of the cafe perfectly.
Image from iondecoration
This is extremely awesome, the ceiling is weaved like the opening of a rose! The huge stainless steel rose sculpture completes this dramatic look.
I hope you have enjoyed this post! 🙂

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