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Creating a Spa-like Bathroom For Your Home

Always wanted to recreate that luxury hotel bathroom feel in your own home? Nowadays, with all the stress from busy lifestyles, our bathrooms are the only place we can unwind and enjoy some peace—which is why it’s so important to furnish it the best that we can.

What better way than getting all the information in one place? So last Saturday at Homely Experience with RenoNation, homeowners got acquainted with the latest trends in bathrooms as well as practical advice on suitable tiles and shower layouts. Having the event partners there was immensely helpful, as homeowners could ask them any question they had regarding their bathroom renovations and what products are the best choice for their homes.


If you’re seeking modern and sophisticated designs to set your bathroom apart from the rest, Hansgrohe is the place to go. Founded by Mr Hans Grohe in 1901, Hansgrohe has become the market leader for bathroom solutions, and with premium bathroom brands under their belt, you can be assured of both top-notch design and quality. Take Axor Starck V mixers for example:


One, their appearance will not be overlooked by anyone who’s using your bathroom. Two, the crystal clear glass body and open-ended spout makes washing hands a unique experience, as you watch the water vortex swirl up and flow out gracefully. A bonus (and practical!) benefit is that you can see the water coming out clearly and spot any impurities or unclean water before it even touches your hands. And that shiny metallic finish will look awesome in any bathroom, let’s be real!


Even if we may not have bathrooms big enough for a bathtub, we can still enjoy luxurious showers with Raindance Select, Hansgrohe’s range of overhead and hand showers that come with different spray modes and a button for easy selection. With just one click, you can select from a variety of spray modes to make showering something to look forward to every day.


Ariston Thermo water heaters

You’ll just be shortchanging yourself of the pleasure of hot showers without a water heater, so look to Ariston Thermo for the largest selection of storage heaters and water heaters in Singapore. Already considering one? Then take advantage of their Mid-Year Promotion, where you’ll receive attractive gifts worth up to $99 with each purchase from mid-May to June 2015.


Now, the décor! In an enclosed space like the bathroom, the tiles that you choose for floor and walls become even more important. Make it completely different from the rest of your décor if you want to; it’s supposed to be your respite after all. 🙂 Soon Bee Huat has a wide selection of tiles and finishes to achieve your dream look. But practical considerations such as non-slip features and ease of cleaning are still important at the end of the day, and should you want a personalised consultation with any of Soon Bee Huat’s interior designers or retail team, just head down to any of their beautifully decorated showrooms to find out more.

And don’t forget to seek professional decorating advice from your interior designer, who will be the best person to advise you on how to maximise the space in small bathrooms. Johnny from Urban Habitat Design shared tricks of the trade with the homeowners on ideal layouts as well as how to place your faucet and wash basin strategically for the most ergonomic bathroom flow.


Time to tuck in!

If you’re keen to join us for future events, keep an eye out for updates on upcoming events. After all, there’s never too much to learn on beautifying the home!

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