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Craftstone Shows You How Easily Feature Walls Are Being Setup

Craftstone®, renowned leading manufacturer for artificial stone veneers, ended their “Splash Boldness to Your Wall” contest hosted on Facebook several months ago and three lucky winners were picked, two of which (Steve and Ashley) walked away with free feature walls for their homes.

Steve, who recently got a new resale flat and had absolutely no idea how to start decorating, hoped a feature wall would add a special touch to his living room such that future guests would be impressed. Ashley, on the other hand, was longing for a feature wall that would help portray a different sense of style in her new home. Eventually, they selected the Vintage Ledgestone Alpine (CSI-021) and Modern Series CSI-204 respectively.

Contrary to the belief of many, the process of installing a feature wall is not long and tedious. Here’s how it’s done in just 4 simple steps.


1. The floor is covered with a huge plastic sheet and the wall surface is cleaned.


2. Many holes are then knocked into the wall, evenly spread out. This is to prevent the tiles from falling off. The tiles would not adhere very well if the surface is too smooth.


3. A layer of cement is then applied onto the wall for grip.


4. Tiles are laid carefully and trimming is done subsequently.


Voila! Check out the before and after shots so you can see how much of a difference a feature wall can actually make.



If you’re still unable to picture how a feature wall would look like in your home or in a public space/store, here are some more ideas for your reference!

This checkered design offers a three-dimensional mosaic appeal with its uniform matrix look and colour.


Any wall would look terrific with designs from the CraftBricks™ collection (Old Used Bricks), which offers an amazing range of natural colours and profiles that look even better than authentic bricks.

(Redwood, CSI-097)

(White, CSI-093s)

If conventional rock arrangements no longer appeal to you, mix and match might just be the solution! Various unique stone designs can be tailored to suit your preference and style! The beautiful creation shown here is a mixture of Mountain Ledgestone CSI-045 and Quarry Stone CSI-408.


If you want to find out more about Craftstone® and their products, feel free to email them at or give them a ring at (65) 6362 1588.


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