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A Couple’s Decision to DIY their Home Renovation (part 9 – Final)

Following up from Previous Posts: A Couple’s Decision to DIY their Home Renovation (part 1)(part 2), (part 3.1), (part 3.2), (part 4), (part 5), (part 6), (part 7), (part 8)


Chapter 9 – Wrap up and final show down


Coming to this Chapter, it is sad to say that we have finally reached the end of our DIY renovation journey.

Thank you for your support in reading our past chapters and we hope it inspired you and gave you resourceful tips in every chapter!

Of course there are still much more to share with you, but we felt that showing and explaining to you in person is so much better than putting it all in words here!!

Thus together with us, have organised a Home Tour Event at our home on 23 July 2016 just for you to see & feel the real thing!! (Let’s RSVP below)


How do we feel?

Definitely 100% satisfactory and happy (tiring of course) throughout the journey!!

Now we have a nest that we plan, design and build. And of course, a place we feel warmth and call Home!

Greater achievement feeling kick in more when someone was to ask you “Who is your interior designer that did this lovely house?” and our respond would be? “It’s MYPS” =)

However, this place call Home does not come easy.

Smooth and flawless renovation?

We do encounter hiccups along the way but thankfully our contractors were really professional enough to help and guide us through. Thus, vendor-relationship with them is important!

Tips: Buying a simple cup of coffee, snacks bites and treats for the workers do help and motivate the vendors for better quality of work for us and meeting the timeline!

{It’s all about human relationship and helping each other yah!}

From our experience, do also note there isn’t such thing as a 100% flawless renovation. Some imperfection is unavoidable and this applies to our home too. Well so long it does not cause any big aftermath catastrophe, we are fine with it.

What are the DIY renovation management requirements based on our experience?:

  1. Your plan and detailed design
    (you can check on or pins interest for designs and home tips & guides);
  2. A lot time commitment;
  3. Many site visits to ensure things go per your design and correct any errors noted immediately.
  4. Liaising with the contractors;
  5. Arranging their work schedule on a daily basis;
  6. Giving clear design-instructions to them.
  7. Getting your own hands dirty;
  8. Thick skin enough to bargain;
  9. Get referred contractor contacts and build good relationship with them
  10. Paying your vendor on a timely basis by cash (no credit card k) – Their cost maybe lower as their credit term is shorter so we need to help them in cashflow too!

Thus, saving money is one thing, managing your own renovation is another thing. So if you can fulfil the DIY REQUIREMENTS above, you might be ready for your very own DIY home renovation.

Otherwise, engaging ID or main contractor would be a wiser choice for you (of course work within your budget). Do remember to give and take yah, vendors have their cost to breakeven too. They need to earn to feed their families and employees =}

Our renovation took around 2 months to complete, now let’s recap our before and after once again!







Well, the above summarises our DIY renovation journey. Join us to see and experience more at our Home Tour Event.

We will be back in the future if we found good products to share with you!

Remember us, Remember MYPS @

Thank for inviting us to share our journey.

Written by MYPS. Do email to us at if you wish to know more details on our renovation.

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