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A Couple’s Decision to DIY their Home Renovation (part 3.2)

Following up from Previous Posts: A Couple’s Decision to DIY their Home Renovation (part 1)(part 2), (part 3.1)

Chapter 3 – Checklist checked!


renovation-material-tiles-deliveredChecked: Material and tiles are all delivered.

Wall-smoothened-and-wall-coatedChecked: Wall smoothened and a layer of cement is coated on the wall

25-years-of-tiling-experience-tilerChecked: A 25 years of tiling experience tiler, Mr Ah-Shui is ready

15-years-of-tiling-experience-tilerChecked: An 15 years of tiling experience tiler, Mr Oh-Kim (shy) is all good


Work in progress

Laying-wall-tiles-kitchenLaying wall tiles for our industrial kitchen

kitchen-renovationWhy only the middle wall has tiles??

If you are doing top and bottom kitchen cabinet, you can simply save $$$ by laying wall tiles on expose area only. For our case, it would be only subway tiles on cooking area!

renovation-progressFrom left to right:
1. MY Dad fixing water piping for conceal
2. Ah Shui grouting the common toilet tiles
3. Oh Kim making the final wall coating

Renovation-Finalising-Toilet-and-BalconyFinalising the Master Toilet and Balcony

Laying-the-bedroom-tilesFrom left to right:
1. Laying the bedroom tiles
2. Mixing the colour grout colours
3. Fill in the blank!

Renovation-InspectionInspection of the area and it’s good for Sink Support to be up!

renovation-living-room Finally the Big Living Room, the final ones

So let’s recapture of our transformation:

From this:

And now To this:

Living room



Balcony room



Bedroom rooms & Master toilet



Kitchen and Common Toilet


Laying pieces of jigsaw puzzle to form a beautiful home of ours is never easy. It could be a more painful process for us as we are not professional. However, what makes this a beautiful jigsaw puzzle really come from this great people:
1. MY Dad for his off-days, patience, coordination and monitoring of the whole process and ensuring a smooth process ;
2. Uncle Johnnie, Ah Shui and Oh Kim for their patience in guiding us what to lookout for in tiling works, haulage and no complain in rework if things done wrongly;
3. Kelly and Anand from Soon Bee Huat, for their unconditional assistance. Especially their quick turnaround time to replenish tiles for us due to damage tiles (not even a single question why it is damage {it is damaged during transporting}) and miscalculation of tiles.


For you as a reader, We hope we have shared a Good Experience for Your reference. Cheers!!

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Written by MYPS. Do email to us at if you wish to know more details on our renovation.


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