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19 Cosy Eat-in Kitchens in Singapore Homes

Most of us think eat-in kitchens aren’t going to work in Singapore homes, mainly because our cooking space is already limited and having a dining table in there is probably going to mean we have to eat into (pun fully intended) countertop space.

While some sacrifice is necessary, we think the comfort and convenience of having an eat-in kitchen outweighs the cons. Consider these:

  • Eat-in kitchens feel a lot cosier. They are great for gathering the family (or your guests!) together
  • They make a lot of sense when serving meals—no more dangerous shuttling between rooms with plates and bowls up to your elbows
  • Cleaning up afterwards become less of a chore—you might even inspire your family to help with the washing up

Not convinced? The following eat-in kitchens in Singapore homes just might. Not only do they look really cosy and inviting, a few examples are real ace in terms of managing the limited space too.


1. To create an eat-in kitchen, the homeowners had their freestanding dining table joined together with the kitchen island. Key tip: The look is seamless despite the material difference, as the widths for the dining table and island are similar.

Design: Form & Space


2. For petite kitchens, consider this option. A table, complete with open shelving, hangs from the ceiling to serve as a small eating nook. It’s also attached at one end to the peninsula counter, provide a more stable structure without taking up precious floor estate.

Design: Design 4 Space


3. A built-in dining bench sits at the end of this long and narrow kitchen, where the counter extends out in an L-shape to function as a dining table. There’s plenty of legroom at the table to make it more conducive for seating.

Design: Distinctidentity


4. This farmhouse style kitchen comes with a breakfast bar table for eating with. If you’re going for a similar setup, consider doing without top cabinets as they might make it more uncomfortable to sit at that area. Here, a slim condiments shelf provides storage without obstructing headroom.

Design: H2O Interior Renovation


5. Consider using your dry kitchen area for dining as well. In this condominium, the island in the dry kitchen hides an entire dining bench that can be used for seating extra guests.

Design: Fuse Concept


6. Rather than go for an island, the homeowners decided to incorporate a dining table in their kitchen instead, turning it into a convenient eat-in cooking space. The dining table features a similar wood laminate used for the kitchen cabinets, which helps to draw visual continuity.

Design: Voila


7. By joining the dining table to the kitchen counter, it essentially lengthens the kitchen area as well (think more food prep space). Using a slope design provides a seamless transition from counter to dining table.

Design: Third Avenue Studio


8. There are some people who prefer their eating area at a hipster-cool bar height of approximately 105 cm, which is slightly taller than a conventional counter height of approximately 90 cm. Go for a different material like in this eat-in kitchen. It’s a great way to differentiate the eating zone while adding visual interest to the space.

Design: The Local Inn.terior


9. This gorgeous eat-in kitchen features a built-in breakfast table that effectively blocks the view of hob area, therefore hiding the mess in the kitchen from the rest of the home.

Design: The Design Abode


10. Here’s another eating area that sits within the dry kitchen space. It’s built to bar height and is swathed in the same teal laminates seen also on the rest of the kitchen cabinets.

Design: Kuro+


11. If you don’t need a big dining area, carving out a small bar table from your kitchen counter for meals should be sufficient. In this eat-in kitchen, sliding framed glass windows surrounding the kitchen create a breathable, open space conducive for eating. They can also be closed when cooking is in session to keep the noise and fumes contained with the cooking space.

Design: Linear Space Concepts


12. Pop up a table on an empty wall in the kitchen, include a couple of chairs and it’s an instant eat-in space. Fuss-free, minimal and super affordable.

Design: IDID


13. This eat-in kitchen boasts a café vibe, thanks to the wall-mounted bar table that overlooks a wooden framed glass window serving as a room divider.

Design: Authors • Interior & Styling


14. Short on space in your kitchen to fit an entire dining table? Consider a pull-out table from your countertop that can be stored after use.

Design: Fineline Design


15. A built-in banquette eating area in your kitchen makes for a cosy, casual look. Because it’s built against a wall, it minimises the amount of floor estate taken up. Include storage shelves behind the seats to make the most of your space.

Design: ArtMuse Interior


16. There’s enough legroom for face-to-face seating thanks to the choice of a cantilevered counter. This was necessary as the counter in this compact kitchen wasn’t long enough to have the two seats on the same side.

Design: Cozy Ideas


17. A large, rustic wood table extends from the main kitchen counter to make space for eating. Joining it with the counter in this way helps to reduce the furniture footprint a normal dining table might otherwise take up.

Design: Innerglow Design


18. So as to provide more room for foot traffic, the island sits perpendicular to the counter. It functions as a dining table that sits six, complete with open cubby storage underneath for pantry staples.

Design: The Local Inn.terior


19. Here’s a flexible setup made for entertaining. Bi-fold glass doors ensure that the cooking space can be closed or open depending on the situation.

Design: Three-D Conceptwerke


Whether you have a big or small kitchen, having an eating area within makes a lot of sense when it comes to prepping, serving and cleaning up. Get help from our interior designers on designing a practical eat-in kitchen for your home by completing the form below:

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