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18 Cosy Corners in Singapore Homes to Curl Up Forever In

Every home needs at least one cosy corner. They are astonishingly multifunctional: great for curling up with a good book, taking a quick nap, hanging out with family, or for just doing nothing in. From lazy lounges to welcoming nooks, we bring you the cosiest of corners in Singapore homes:

1. Take advantage of your generous windows and set up cushioned bay window seats for comfortable lounging. We like the wooden border surrounding this alcove, which helps to define the space.

Design: 0932 Design Consultants


2. To take the relaxing up a notch, surround your cosy corner with plants, which are known to boost tranquillity. Notice how the entire structure is mounted from the ceiling using thin wooden poles. This see-through and ‘floating’ design lends a light and airy feel to the space, preventing it from looking cluttered.

Design: AO Studios


3. This casual home office setting features a storage platform that acts as an office chair as well as a lounging area during break times.

Design: Authors • Interior & Styling


4. This cosy nook frames the window and features a privacy shield crafted from rattan so as to allow for ventilation.

Design: Ehka Studio


5. Here’s a couple who values their lounging! They converted an entire room of their BTO flat to a cosy corner, complete with a massive cushion. The space leads into the step-up bedroom directly, serving as the perfect spot for winding down alone or together before bedtime.

Design: Crescendo Interior & Lifestyle


6. If you prefer to have a cup of tea or a glass of wine while relaxing in your cosy corner, consider including a sliding table that can be adjusted depending on where you’re lounging at.

Design: Design NEU


7. A black triangle marks this welcoming alcove by the foyer, which doubles as a bench for wearing shoes as much as a corner for reading or playing the ukulele.



8. Inspired by the Muji aesthetic, the designer crafted a platform area by the window in the living room that was furnished with a pop-up table and zaisu chairs for the homeowners to have tea in.

Design: Dots ‘n’ Tots Interior Design


9. An arched cosy corner lends a visual statement as much as a nook for cosying in.

Design: Authors Interior & Styling


10. The key to a successful cosy corner is a comfy cosy corner. And nothing says comfort like a proper couch.

Design: EHKA Studio


11. A platform area was carved out from the open-plan living and dining area in this BTO flat to serve as a cosy corner. Furnished with a couple of beanbags and defined by the industrial style spider lights, the space provides the perfect setting for conversations, away from the distraction of the telly.

Design: Fifth Avenue Interior


12. Cosy corners can be crafted for watching television, which was what was done in this bedroom so that the activity won’t disturb sleep. The alcove sits on a slightly raised platform that is clad in a darker wood flooring compared to the rest of the bedroom, which helps to delineate the area.

Design: Proj. B Studio


13. Evoking a sense of serenity and zen, this comfortable daybed features gentle hues and a clean, minimal aesthetic.

Design: Sevenvine


14. Fashioned from plywood, this pared-back reading nook comes with open shelving at the sides for storage and tomes.

Design: The Monocot Studio


15. This cosy corner sits by the entrance of the home, functioning as more than a lounge area. A shelving unit sits at the side as a catchall tray for keys and other knick-knacks, while a thin rod hangs above to collect various accessories.

Design: UNO Interior


16. Here’s a dream alcove for bibliophiles. Lots and lots of storage for books surround a cushioned bay window area, perfect for whiling the afternoons away whilst reading.

Design: Upstairs_


17. Who says a cosy corner can’t be in a kitchen? Here, a built-in bench at the end of the cooking space works as a relaxing spot for breakfast while the homeowner catches up on his email.



18. This cosy corner sits literally at the corner of the living room, serving as a less formal area for lounging and relaxing. Featuring underneath storage, it’s built around the flat’s structural column, helping to camouflage the pillar.

Design: Box.ID Studio



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