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Cool as Cucumber: The Refrigerator Story Part 3

Now that you know all about the refrigerator’s origins and different types, it’s time for some important buying tips that you can tap on during your reconnaissance trips!



Tip #1:

Choose a suitable type and size for the household
Depending on the size and needs of your family, you may want to consider other styles of refrigerators aside from the traditional one. If you’re the type who needs plenty of storage space, then the French Doors fridge may just be your cup of tea! The twin doors open up to reveal a spacious interior, which can easily accommodate those large plates you use to serve your growing family. That or go for the side-by-side refrigerator, since it can give you plenty of storage space for both frozen and fresh food.

The capacity is also highly dependant on whether you cook on a regular basis, but here is a rough guide:

Number of people Minimum Capacity needed* Type of refrigerator

2 people

230 litres

Top or bottom freezer

3 to 4 people

310 to 380 litres

Side-by-side or French doors

5 and more people

450 litres

Side-by-side, French doors or larder refrigerators with a separate freezer

*The capacity also depends on the household’s personal shopping frequency.

Not enough kitchen space, but have a large family to cook for? Mr. Yoshiyuki Ue, Manager of Business Planning Department from Hitachi Home Electronics Asia (S) Pte Ltd, has this to recommend, “6 door fridges are great choices for large families because they offer around 500 to 800 litres of storage capacity. However, if there is limited space in the kitchen, consider fridges that are smaller in width and higher in height. It’s also important to measure your kitchen before making a decision in any major appliance purchase.”

Image from LG

Tip #2:

Extra features
Decide if you want extra features such as the water and ice dispensers. These add-ons will need regular maintenance, but the convenience they provide for your family may justify all the cleaning you have to do.

Tip #3:

Adjustable shelving
Sometimes you just need more space for a particular dish (e.g. a large pot of soup). This is when adjustable shelves will come in really handy because they help you to optimise the available space you have in the fridge.

Tip #4:

Available space
Whether you’re renovating your new kitchen or looking to replace an existing fridge, be sure to get the dimensions right before shopping for one. Allocate a few centimetres around the back and sides of the refrigerator for ventilation, and take note of the direction it opens. There are models with reversible doors, too, so you can consider those if it helps with the flow of the kitchen.


Deciding on a refrigerator may give you a headache, but choosing a suitable one can affect the work-flow of your kitchen so be sure to choose wisely!

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